Stacey Mountney – Fine Artist – b Gallery


Autumn Leaves


Rose 3

At the beginning of her journey as an artist, Stacey found her skills, taste and technique continue to develop. She guesses that’s the thing about becoming an adult, you can look back at the things you have done and improve on them.

After school, Stacey continued to study Art and Design at Noth Herts College where she attained DDM. Art is a great passion of hers, and she continues to practice painting as a hobby.

Stacey generally uses acrylics on canvas but also likes to experiment with a range of different media.

Stacey takes inspiration from the world around her, this is why a lot of her paintings come from observation.

Stacey would be pleased to discuss pricing for any art work Stacey has her own b Gallery page, or on her blog.

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