Important Notice for b Gallery Artists :


Re: Social networking links important information……..

We would like to ask you to log into your gallery management area and check all your personal details are correct including your PayPal address. We have recently been informed that artwork had not arrived but payment had been sent to the artist via PayPal, it transpired the artist had spelt his PayPal email address wrong, luckily the buyer was able to have the funds returned and was happy to continue her sale – as you can imagine this could have been detrimental to both the artist and bgallery.

Whilst you are in your profile area please can you make sure you have entered all of your social networking sites i.e.: your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any others that you have joined. If you click on ‘Recommended Links’ in your profile area you will be taken to a page where you can update your links, just click on the social media link that we have provided for you.

(If you prefer you can always email Hazel at your social networking links and we will insert these for you)

Social networking can be time consuming for artists but is important if you want to grow contact lists and get noticed. We have a team ready to work for you directing potential buyers to YOU.

Please continue to let us know about any upcoming exhibitions with dates and/or flyers, email us images of works in progress and let us raise your popularity amongst the buying community within the social networking sites.

If you have forgotten your login details or need further information please let us know.

Julie Boyle
Director of bgallery
+44 (0)1525 877020

We are committed to helping talented artists be discovered,

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