Carla Dawson’s Artwork at bGallery



 My work is an evolution and development of traditional Impressionist ideas.  The work takes on the challenge of the outdoors, the world of nature, and the life that comes through in the spirit of reflection.  By intensifying the contrast among colors and laying heavy but carefully selected brushstrokes, I create emotional works that are simple in concept but masterful in style.  My works emphasize what is basic and alive in nature.  My technique allows the vitality of the paints to be a force in bringing the work to life.  The works are at once both a commentary on and a reflection of the miracles and simplicity of the natural world.  Abandoning a career in banking to follow a calling in art long-postponed, I began workshopping my skills in landscape painting at Washington University and opened a business in designing my own jewelry.  I now have dedicated myself to oil painting exclusively.  Participation in recent exhibitions and juried competitions has brought me a following that awaits the directions my talents will further take me.


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