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There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.
G.K. Chesterton

Ann is a mixed media artist living and working in Australia. She is passionate about creativity and loves nature. You can find out more about her on her blog at:


Ann works with odd spaces caught just outside ‘real’ existence, often glimpsed; intangible yet with significance, seen and simultaneously unseen.

Her works are depictions of these worlds, often based on Surreal narratives after those portrayed by Kahlo, Fini, Ernst and Tanning. She is using mixed media in a bricolage form – combining elements and symbols that retain some of their meaning from our world, juxtaposed with new meaning in the worlds she creates. Consequently, issues of contemporary life are interwoven with historical codes and autobiography to create visceral works that defy abbreviation to a single idea.

Within the possibilities of these other worlds we can investigate transcendence, sacredness, memory, time and space. The mini-worlds engage viewers by resonating with a childhood fascination with make-believe. The audience can imagine themselves as part of these worlds and explore them with Alice-like wonder.


Ann Richmond – Artist @ bgallery

Ann Richmond hails from one of the many hamlets dotted throughout Gloucestershire’s Stroud Valley. From an early age, she discovered a passion for the natural world and, over time, this was channelled into drawing, painting and sculpture.





A rediscovery of this skill in later years, was to see her explore the medium of fired clay, before moving into more intricate & detailed commissions for the giftware trade. This was made possible by sculpting the originals in wax and using silicon rubber moulds & exotic resin compounds for near flawless reproductions.

Now with her new Studio in Wiltshire, Southern England, she is returning to her first love: painting wildlife in her own unique style, in pen, acrylic and ink.

She’s also interested by the contrast between the art world’s approach to the medium and the quixotic nature of her subjects. Many sculptors focus on the usual suspects – big cats, elephants etc. – but she finds that the most enigmatic beauty often comes from the unusual and overlooked. 

Artist – Ann Brooks



Ann became interested in weaving many years ago when living in northern Sweden – lots of her friends had family looms and this is where her interest in textiles was stirred. On returning home she attended the local weaving classes.

Later, when the children had grown up she attended basket weaving and chair seating classes completing the city and guilds certificate at Missenden abbey. Towards the end of the 1990s she returned to loom weaving.

Designs for her work are heavily influenced by many things including her basket making background, walking through the Chiltern countryside with her two dogs and regular visits to the Victoria & Albert Museum. 
Ann generally weaves silk scarves and wraps/shawls though her work does include place mats in paper, linen and willow.

Ann uses mainly silk but often incorporate fine merino wool, high twist silk and high twist wool, linen and cashmere.

During the past few years She has exhibited and sold at galleries and other venues in various parts of the country.


Anita Davies Artist




A graduate of the highly regarded Design Crafts course at Hereford College of Art, Anita has been making decorative art and jewellery for over 15 years.

Her art work draws on the decorative fragmented surfaces of ancient jewellery, reliquaries, frescoes and tiled surfaces. Museums and Art Galleries fuelled her obsession from an early age. As a child she enjoyed piecing things together in her mind and learnt to appreciate highly decorative, elaborate surfaces that had been time worn and broken.

This has shaped the way Anita designs. She prefers abstractions and incomplete images and textures and although her work has no direct narrative it does have a language of pattern, texture and colour. Anita likes to capture the idea of buried treasure in her work, fragments of artefacts that were part of something bigger, which now no longer exist.


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Ann Stringer-Paget




Ann is a professional artist, living and working from her studio based in Staffordshire.

Initially trained as a Design Engineer working within the Motor sports Industry, she would paint in her spare time, exhibiting collectively and alone. Her success and love of the creative process, led to a decision to quit Engineering and paint full time.

During the last 20 years, Ann has been dedicated to her first love of painting. She also teaches privately and holds lectures relating to the Work of the Old Masters when time permits.
In the past she has given presentations to Universities and Public Institutions around the UK.

She is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an active Member of the Birmingham Watercolour Society and an Associate of the American Watercolor Society.

Ann studied Modern and Contemporary Art with The Tate London, qualified for Public Speaking via the English Speaking Board.  She also runs her own Fine Art Tuition Company

“Being inspired is my driving force to paint and I find that there is so much to be inspired by! A moment in the day when the air hangs still, a sound, flash of colour, memories…. anything can be the starting point of my journey into paint ! The inspiration will generally dictate the style of the finished work, be it realistic or abstract.

My process will usually start with sketches, either from life or memory, developing on to the moment of expression in the medium of my choice. That choice will be driven by the feeling or emotion that I wish to express in the work, hence the process could lead to working in oils, acrylics, watercolour, pastels or mixed media ….. it’s the outcome that is so important to me, the process and the medium are simply my most treasured and dynamic travelling companions, accompanying me to my final destination.”