Ann Richmond – Artist @ bgallery

Ann Richmond hails from one of the many hamlets dotted throughout Gloucestershire’s Stroud Valley. From an early age, she discovered a passion for the natural world and, over time, this was channelled into drawing, painting and sculpture.


A rediscovery of this skill in later years, was to see her explore the medium of fired clay, before moving into more intricate & detailed commissions for the giftware trade. This was made possible by sculpting the originals in wax and using silicon rubber moulds & exotic resin compounds for near flawless reproductions.

Now with her new Studio in Wiltshire, Southern England, she is returning to her first love: painting wildlife in her own unique style, in pen, acrylic and ink.

She’s also interested by the contrast between the art world’s approach to the medium and the quixotic nature of her subjects. Many sculptors focus on the usual suspects – big cats, elephants etc. – but she finds that the most enigmatic beauty often comes from the unusual and overlooked.