b Gallery Important Statement.

I have been alerted by bgallery members that they have received promotional emails from artistsinfo direct to their inbox. I have read with surprise an ‘interview’ and can confirm that there are a lot of untruths and make believe in it, and a lot of ‘borrowed’ statements too! I think it is appalling and shows the shallowness and lack of common decency from this new art directory who has used bgallery and its very good name along with its artists in an unsubstantial marketing campaign. The interview is terribly flawed throughout and comes across as quite ridiculous, however it is now in the hands of my legal team as I do not believe this kind of practice should be tolerated..


One thought on “b Gallery Important Statement.

  1. Yes. I received this myself, scanned through it and tossed it into my spam file. Hopefully, others also were alert enough to do the same.

    Thanks for the affirmation.


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