Caroline Ian –

I live in Cambridge with my husband and two grown up sons. I studied graphic design and photography and later completed a diploma in journalism. However, painting has always been part of my life and now I write and paint full time in my studio, a little 100-year old summerhouse at the bottom of our garden.

My favourite medium is oil as it allows for manipulation and change. This medium compliments perfectly what I try to achieve when I use glazes and texture.

My work is a synthesis of my own personal feelings; inspired by the random, yet harmonious chemistry of nature. It is my visual memory of the world around us. I start a new painting with an emotion, which provides me with a vivid sense of direction.

I often become engrossed and lose all track of time during the build-up of my skies and find the process extremely therapeutic. In 2013 I launched a dynamic collection of vivid landscapes focusing on trees! They evolve and change seasons during the process! I will continue to develop this collection along with a new series of large abstract painting in 2014.



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  1. Exquisite work. I just love the colours and how you’ve made the foliage look 3D.

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