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AMVO designs encapsulates all of Alison’s current design and artwork products, including her beautiful handmade personalised guest memory books for any special occasion ‘1 day 2 remember’ and her exhibition ‘sample’ and ‘bespoke’ hand painted canvas wall art.

Currently living in Letchworth Garden City,  Hertfordshire, Alison Orton is a self taught artist who regards each and every piece of work as a great challenge and a labour of love. Her interior design skills and experience are a combination of natural flair and ability from an early age, to obtaining a City & Guilds certificate in Design and Craft.

Alison’s wall art is mainly abstract in style. She uses quality stretched canvases and the finest acrylic paints, texturing media and embellishments. When working on commission pieces, it is not just the wall that the artwork is going to be hung on that is important to her. She regards the whole room as her canvas and is able to plan spaces effectively for the function of the room and harmonise light, colours and textures.

Alison Orton can be contacted for commission/bespoke work

Alison Orton’s facebook link


Adam King – Designer – Bedfordshire

Adam King

Transport & Product Designer – Bedfordshire

The most beautiful looking things are simple. A yacht or vehicle, for example, looks very modest yet to create the simple, elegant aesthetic requires so much effort in creation, tooling design and feasibility that it is rarely acknowledged and understood by those outside of the development process and is therefore judged quickly purely on it’s looks as a final product.

This is true for lino prints. On the surface they are very simple but the process required to create them involves complex planning, delicate carving, patience and vision. A process that is hidden from view in the final image.

Whilst Adam’s print collection was on display at bGallery, it attracted the eye of the J D Wetherspoon pub chain and Adam was commissioned to produce a set of prints for ‘The London Hatter’ which opened in July 2011 in Luton.

bgallery are delighted to have been part of Adam King’s success and proud to have him as an artist on bgallery


Alison Street – Wildlife Artist in Zambia


Alison is predominantly a Wildlife artist living in Zambia.  She has been painting wildlife now for 10 years although she does paint portraits, abstracts and landscapes occasionally. She is so lucky to be living in a country where the wildlife is abundant and poaching is controlled.  Alison donates a portion of her art sales to conservation, i.e:

Game Rangers International

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Conservation Lower Zambezi

Alison’s and her husband spend most of their free time in the Lower Zambezi  and South Luangwa National Parks.  It is from here that she obtains the inspiration for her artwork.

Alison does like to paint her backgrounds in abstract form but feel that the wildlife should be portrayed as they are.


Marian S Adcock –


Marian S Adcock is primarily a botanical artist, but is also a skilled animal portraitist and landscape artist. Her medium is wax and oil-based colored pencil on premium archival quality vellum surface artists’ paper.
Marian derives inspiration for her botanical artwork by carefully observing the numerous brightly colored flowers amongst the plantain lilies (Hosta genus) in the gardens surrounding her Stonebridge Gardens Art Studio in Saint Paul, MN. She also visits gardens throughout the Upper Midwest for inspiration. Marian’s artwork continues the ancient traditions botanical artists have used over the centuries to depict plant life. She continues the tradition of combining artistic sensitivity with scientific accuracy when she paints plants’ vibrant colors, and intricate, fleeting and fragile structures. Her artwork also follows the traditions of presenting botanical artwork on either a white background or in situ.


Artist Ann Stringer Paget


Ann is a professional artist, living and working from her studio based in Staffordshire.

Initially trained as a Design Engineer working within the Motor sports Industry, she would paint in her spare time, exhibiting collectively and alone. Her success and love of the creative process, led to a decision to quit Engineering and paint full time.

During the last 20 years, Ann has been dedicated to her first love of painting. She also teaches privately and holds lectures relating to the Work of the Old Masters when time permits.
In the past she has given presentations to Universities and Public Institutions around the UK.

She is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an active Member of the Birmingham Watercolour Society and an Associate of the American Watercolor Society.

Ann studied Modern and Contemporary Art with The Tate London, qualified for Public Speaking via the English Speaking Board.  She also runs her own Fine Art Tuition Company

“Being inspired is my driving force to paint and I find that there is so much to be inspired by! A moment in the day when the air hangs still, a sound, flash of colour, memories…. anything can be the starting point of my journey into paint ! The inspiration will generally dictate the style of the finished work, be it realistic or abstract.

My process will usually start with sketches, either from life or memory, developing on to the moment of expression in the medium of my choice. That choice will be driven by the feeling or emotion that I wish to express in the work, hence the process could lead to working in oils, acrylics, watercolour, pastels or mixed media ….. it’s the outcome that is so important to me, the process and the medium are simply my most treasured and dynamic travelling companions, accompanying me to my final destination.”

Barnier Pascal –


Image creator since 1985, the camera has become like a extension of myself, a seventh sense. I learned the history of photography and the history of art in general in order to push my research even further in creating more within the field of photography.

As the 19th century pictorialist, I met the scuplteurs to learn how light plays with textures, I’m intoxicated by the light of sunrise and sunset to feel this special rate that the days light. I even warmed up to the light of the moon and stars, and discovered the polychrome lightning and meteor trail.

Using the transparency, I like to create symphonies sensation, felt, merging nature with urban planning.

Welcome in my universe.

Clare Lloyd – b gallery


Colour Design Jewellery by Clare Lloyd

Clare is a jewellery designer-maker working with a range of materials from precious metals through to polymer clays, resins, recycled plastic, glass, semi precious stones and vintage beads abd buttons.

Clare loves colour.  Colour is her inspiration and her obsession.  Using polymer clays (and occasionally resin clays) she blends and mix primary colours like paint to create as many different shades and tones as she can and then hand roll each bead.  She can never seem to recreate the same colour twice so each piece she makes is unique.  Polymer clay is a very versatile material and a lot of fun to work with.  It is light and comfortable to wear, it’s also pretty tough and easy to look after.

Clare also loves working with precious metals and makes jewellery using traditional silver smithing techniques.  She is fascinated by texture and the different effects that can be achieved by hammering so a lot of her work in metal is a result of experiments with hammering techniques, reticulation and use of the rolling mill.  She sometimes use copper and gold in her designs and add a splash of colour with beads.

Clare welcomes commissions and would love to hear from you if you have any designs in mind.

You can follow her on Pintrest and Twitter and through her website for more information and new designs.

Darnéy Willis – b Gallery



Darney paints large scale canvases with bold invented color – lyrical and very expressive color passages of natural images viewed so very close up only part of the external contours of the particular images are seen. He doesn’t use the internal natural details normally seen with such a view.
Currently Darney is painting flower images, mainly from the iris flower. These images are meant to be something other than visual illusions or mimics of iris flowers – they are intended to be metaphors or doorways into visual, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual journeys – into flowerscapes of peace, order, beauty, and unity. They are metaphors of the human condition, of the magnificent yet fragile nature of our humanity and our constant dependence on our Creator for inspiration, protection, nurturing, and restoration. He realizes humans are capable of extremely ugly horrible cruel things also, which is worth addressing in paint as well. Presently his work is both a joyful celebration of living, having purpose on this earth, and bearing fruit and also addressing issues that arise on the earth from mankind leaving an intimate relationship with our Creator and thus mismanaging our stewardship of the earth.

Mohsen Rifaat –


Mohsen (Mo) Rifaat was born in Egypt and has resided in Canada since 1968.

He holds degrees in architecture and urban planning, and has enjoyed a wide ranging career takening him to many far-away places.  Although his professional life was mostly in the  business, government and diplomatic worlds,  Mo has never been long removed from his love of art, which was inherited from his late mother, Fatma Rifaat, the celebrated Egyptian artist.

In recent years he specialized in watercolour renderings ranging from buildings and structures, to still life, figure painting and landscapes. He holds regular beginner and advanced pencil drawing and watercolour workshops and work was exhibited in galleries in Egypt, Canada and England.



X Toulla Hadjigeorgiou – X

I have been painting since I was 12 years old, turned professional in 1996.  My style of work has been influenced by the old masters with favourites being Johannes Vermeer, John Constable, Caneletto and a number of others around the time.   Mediums used are watercolour, oil and acrylic in a fine detailed style, but my aim is not to replicate a photographic image.  My watercolour painting is quite unique in that it is far from a ‘wishy, washy’ style.  I like to add layer upon layer of paint to produce intense, bold colour.  My work is so detailed, some complex subjects can take several weeks to complete.  I have held solo exhibitions in UK and abroad and been selected for open exhibitions.  Works have been featured in magazines such as Artists & Illustrators, Leisure Painter, Hertfordshire Life and others with interview in Italia magazine.  A number of my works have won awards, been selected and highly commended.  I run art class in my studio, demonstrate for art clubs and societies and tutor for Bucks Adult Learning at Missenden Abbey.  Main commissioned works have been of people, pet, building portraits.  I like many subjects, however, my main interest is architecture and figures which I often include in a cityscape.

I am presently working on scenes from Tuscany, all including it’s architecture.  Almost completing an oil on linen canvas of three foreground figures in Volterra, a Tuscan town.  This work has taken me months to complete.