Andy Hayward –

I have been painting for well over 40 years. I became a professional painter in 2011 and have exhibited regularly at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA). I also have had work exhibited at the Worcester Open and Oxfordshire Artweeks.

I tend to favour unusual subjects for my paintings, and attempt to either amuse or bemuse viewers! I am beginning to be known for my regular use of hexagonal canvases which I find add interest to a painting.



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A nice bit of news to share. Just received a notification that tells me I have an honorable mention in a textile art contest Dynamic Colours,

Artist Sandy McFarlane in Discover Art Magazine

Sandy McFarlane


Sandy studied Fine Art at The Arts Institute of Bournemouth and is now a part-time artist. When painting he works with the relationship between mark making and colour. The process he uses is very similar to that of the Abstract Expressionists; he does not start from a predetermined point which allows that picture to evolve in the moment as instinctively as possible. He will often listen to music while painting and uses song lyrics to name his work as they often relate to a feeling rather than a specific idea which mirrors his paintings.

Once a work is finished he likes to live with it for a while before he decides on a suitable title. His winning painting is entitled ‘It was only a winter’s tale’ as it has a wintery feel to it with a warm red glow in the background. This painting was selected as one of the winners in the 2011 GreatArt Greetings Card Facebook competition.

Sandy also exhibits his work at The Pinewalk Gallery in the Gardens in Bournemouth. To view more of his paintings visit


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Eric Wiles –


As a self taught photographer it is my endeavor to creatively convey my vision in its purist form. The fascination with natural beauty and man made objects promote the direction of my work and creative flow. Photography allows me the opportunity to capture moments in time and creatively share this expression of beauty through still life and landscape imaging.
My work has been published in Europe’s #1 travel magazine, the Sunday Times Travel Magazine issue 57 Oct. 2008

Patience Beaumont at


I trained at the London College of Furniture and did a BTEC at Ipswich College of Art.  I now specialise in hand dyeing and printing, batik and devore.  I like using natural dyes when possible and I offer courses in natural dyeing.  Saffron and indigo are particularly good dyes to use and I love to experiment with colour.  Some of my work is based on sketches I make when I go to Spain but I also use images of the countryside and wildlife around my home.  Sometimes I incorporate photographs.



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IMPORTANT NOTICE: bgallery wish to advise they are NOT a part of or in association with any other online Artists directory. It has come to our attention via our artists that bgallery site has been copied and are giving misleading information to our buyers and artists who are NOT happy. Whilst it is flattering to be copied it is not good practice but also I wonder if they realise it is illegal to send e-mails to artists who have not requested any information, especially bgallery artists and somehow even my partner got one!! now that is strange as he is a plumber!! I am pursuing this and will update you all asap.