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I produce vibrant, textured, tactile pieces using unusual materials to add dimension and intrigue to my work.

Yes I do encourgae you to run your fingers over my work –  although my art looks delicate it is very robust. ( and can be cleaned) Experiencing the texture is part of the appreciation process!

I love vibrant and unusual colour combinations which make my heart sing, sounds romantic but Im sure you know what I mean.

To me art is to brighten and enlighten, to make you catch a moment to ponder. Above all I hope my work is seen as beautiful. The dimensions and shadows of the depth and texture captures a different light from different angles around the room giving you a different vision every time.

About me?!

My name is Jacqueline Mia, I sign all my work with just ‘MiA’

I am a Graphic Designer by trade and still work freelance when commissioned. Art is my joy and where my heart is.

I work in a small studio within my home, I am surrounded by brightness and inspiring images. In my geek-corner waits my AppleMac!

I am passionate about my art being able to be appreciated by the visually impaired or blind.

I am happy to accept commissions or re-paint one of my pieces in a different size to suit your space. Some of my pieces are large its true, these were created with business premises or hospitals in mind.

I have exhibited widely, and also loaned my work to hospitals for ‘Art as Therapy’ schemes.

All my work is professionally framed, if for any reason you would like the frame removed I am happy to do this for you.