b Gallery shows the unique work of Kasia



I am a painter of colours and strange sometimes surreal stories from my own imagination and my dreams.

My work is extremely varied from 2 dimentional realistic portraits, modern figurative, through surreal, fantastic, semi-abstract, abstract, installation, 3D printed sculptures, video-art till animation.

To practice art is like practising Zen. You must live intuitively and honestly, wholeheartedly and without reservations. And I see my duty as an artist as it was first expressed by Schumann: “To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts”.

I have painted my whole life and that is no exaggeration. I did my first mural painting at the age of 4. When I was 15 years old I sold my first abstract painting.

I was born in Poland in the very intriguing, multicultural but in some respects ugly city of Lódz. However I left it after becoming Master of Arts at the University of Lódz.

I studied art formally from the age of 12 till 19 at private art schools and ateliers.

Most of my paintings have been sold to private collectors from around the world, approximately 149 works in total to 79 collectors, two art galleries and the Museum of Fine Art in USA.

I just love to try and learn new techniques and to experiment with new media.




Return of Peter Pan.