Marian S Adcock’s Beautiful Botanical Work

Marian S Adcock is primarily a botanical artist, but is also a skilled animal portraitist and landscape artist. Her medium is wax and oil-based colored pencil on premium archival quality vellum surface artists’ paper.
Marian derives inspiration for her botanical artwork by carefully observing the numerous brightly colored flowers amongst the plantain lilies (Hosta genus) in the gardens surrounding her Stonebridge Gardens Art Studio in Saint Paul, MN. She also visits gardens throughout the Upper Midwest for inspiration. Marian’s artwork continues the ancient traditions botanical artists have used over the centuries to depict plant life. She continues the tradition of combining artistic sensitivity with scientific accuracy when she paints plants’ vibrant colors, and intricate, fleeting and fragile structures. Her artwork also follows the traditions of presenting botanical artwork on either a white background or in situ.
In 2012 the Curatorial Committee of the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, NY, formally selected Marian to become a member of Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, Inc.’s distinguished “Family of Artists” and to participate in their museum-quality long-term Representation Program. Her artwork was also featured in Amsterdam Whitney Gallery’s Beautiful Botanical Art Exhibition May – June 2012. The Curatorial Review Committee was particularly impressed with Marian’s brilliantly colorful botanical artwork. Her translucent style, created with wax and oil-based colored pencil, captures the ethereal beauty, romance and timeliness of our floral world. The Curatorial Committee commended Marian on her lyrical and joyfully colored palette, luminescent hues and compelling tonal combinations with her vibrant interplay of light. In completing their review, the Curatorial Committee “saluted Marian on her oeuvre which emblematizes the divine splendor of the floral realm as she captured the essence of the invisible spirit of nature and eternalizes its joie de vivre.”
Marian began her artistic career in 2006 after retiring from her lifelong career as a hospital administrator, then CEO of an humanitarian organization. Shortly before her retirement her dear husband, Leon L. Adcock, M.D., passed away. Marian is primarily a self-taught artist, but honed her artistic skills while attending the Minnesota School of Botanical Art, Minneapolis, MN in 2006. She continues developing her artistic skills through studying artistic techniques of the masters. Marian is a member of the Great Rivers Chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists, the American Society of Botanical Artists, the National Society of Colored Pencil Artists, and the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery’s distinguished “Family of Artists”. Her artwork has been juried into numerous art shows and art gallery exhibitions in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, California and New York. Her artwork has been published in the “International Contemporary Artists, Vol.11, 2011, ICA Publishing, NY, and is featured in the short film titled,”The Journey Home”, James Gambone, Director.
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