X Sue Flask’s Stunning Art Work X

Sue Flask, b. 1972 lives in Mosta, Malta, Europe. She has obtain a diploma in Fine Arts at the School of Arts, Malta and graduated as a B.Ed (Hons.) Art Secondary from the University of Malta. Some of her work is in private collections in Malta and abroad. She is happily married to Ludwig and they have three small children.














X Jane Glue – http://www.janeglue.com/

Jane has worked as a professional artist based in the Orkney Islands, Scotland for the past twenty five years.  Her paintings are inspired by her surroundings, the light, colour, landscape and nature of Orkney. You can buy original paintings, prints and other products produced from her original artwork  from her website www.janeglue.com and you can ‘follow’ her on facebook by searching for ‘Jane Glue Gallery’ on your own facebook page. Watercolours have  been her preferred medium throughout most of her career but more recently Jane has been working in  mixed media,  often using old wallpaper and ‘found’ objects in her paintings. Jane also likes to use inks in with acrylics either on heavy papers or canvas.



X Sculptural Printmaker David Burns X



I graduated from Farnham School of Art in 1976, having studied ceramics and glass, I ran an arts business until I moved to Cyril Wood Court in 2010. I have now set up a new studio here and take inspiration from the Dorset countryside and coastline.
I have always seemed to attract the presence of spirit beings and often find their images in unexpected places, I work with these images which are usually either psychic drawings or photography in seemingly unattended places.
When etching I use aluminium plates using a combination of safe chemicals to produce the image. I then work into each plate as if it were a canvas  mixing each individual colour, applying it and blending it onto the plate before printing the image. I pass each print through the press more than once to add additional colours, often deliberately offsetting or reversing subsequent prints to develop an image.
After spending 2 years making a series of etchings, I decided to re-use the printing plates by cutting, combining and overlaying them in conjunction with precious stones, silver and found objects. Using this as a base. I then paint and re-etch on top to create compelling new artworks.
This exhibition is the result of my trying to capture the psychic and spirit images I am given (sometimes unwittingly) in a way that demonstrates there is more to art than meets the eye.

X Frank Martin’s Beautiful Ceramics X





Since successfully completing a three year Studio Ceramics course at Chesterfield College of Art and Design in 1980 my work has covered a wide range of techniques and materials. The present use of white stoneware enables me to model and use the wheel with the same clay. I work mostly to commission and many of the pieces are repeatable but not identical.

I use a variety of hand built techniques, using slab and coiling and use incised and applied clay for decoration. My inspirations come from the landscape and nature, many pieces are influenced by the sea and from my local surroundings – The Somerset Levels.

Tall Rockface Vase

Windblown Willows Sculpture

Royal Academy of Arts – Summer art competition




Summer art competition

To coincide with the Summer Exhibition we are collaborating with BBC’s The One Show Summer Art Competition 2014. This nationwide art competition will see the work of 24 finalists exhibited here from 16 June – 9 August in the Reynolds Room. The One Show is broadcast on weeknights at 7pm on BBC One, and the juding panel includes Summer Exhibition curator Edith Devaney, Royal Academician Michael Landy and Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw. In mid-July the winner will be announced live on The One Show so make sure you come along and pick your favourite before then! For more information please go to bbc.co.uk/theoneshow

Liz Vaughan’s Colourful Artwork


Art has been a long and exciting journey for Liz. For years she painted traditional pictures beautiful landscapes of lakes and mountains etc. She taught art, held exhibitions of her own work and arranged them for other painters, her work is in collections in France and Spain and last year was approached to exhibit in New York and Greece she realised that she has become profoundly bored with painting in an ‘acceptable’ way that has always been an english tradition. Painting for her has to be an adventure and above all exciting.

Liz found herself inventing effects on her canvases that did not reflect what was in the ‘real’ world. On a whim she was extending lines on the canvas, just to see where they wanted to go, and adjusting colours so that they interacted more in a more interesting way than the light did in the outside world. And gradually her excitement reappeared – suddenly she wanted to spend all her time in her studio again, exploring this fascinating world of abstract art.

Over the past few years Liz has begun to realise that the potential for expressing feeling and movement in abstract art is unlimited. There are no boundaries – she can do whatever she wants on her canvases. Where originally she felt constrained to produce recognisable images of the world outside, now she is free to allow the work to draw her along, not guiding it but simply letting her work pull me along, suggesting new approaches, different combinations of light, colour and movement that form their own internally consistent patterns and relationships.

Liz’s work is just entering a whole new kaleidoscopic transitional world, one that she wants to make her own and to share with others. This exhibition is just a short snapshot of her own one-way journey – she has no idea where it will take her, but she knows that it’s already the greatest journey of her life.


Kevin Edwards – www.kevinedwardsart.co.uk

My interest is representational painting. The main subject of my painting is landscape. I interpret the light in the landscape with a heightened level of colour harmony. The colours are carefully saturated to emphasis the warm and cool light.

I use the paint to create an equivalent for any detail. The emphasis is to paint with the paint and create light with colour.

I’ve painted many commissions, from specific requests for a particular house or view to general requests to paint a particular season or time of day.

The most frequent size for my paintings is 16 x 20 inches which usually takes approximately 30 hours to complete. I use artists quality oil paint from Windsor and Newton, Michael Harding and Rembrandt. Framing is done by Frame House http://www.framehouse.co.uk



x Betty Anderson’s Beautiful Artwork at bGallery




A self-taught artist in oils, I first picked up a brush many years ago, but moves, children and more moves meant that my paints were deeply buried.   It was only in 2008 that I dug out my paints and set to seriously work on my art that had languished.   Not being involved in the “art scene”, I had no idea how to exhibit my work but someone saw what I was doing, and set me on a course that has been rewarding and exciting.

I am a Fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, and member of the Guild of Realist Artists, as well as a number of smaller groups.   I have won a number of prizes, Highly Commended and People’s Choice awards, and in 2012 was selected for the Salon des Refuses (the alternate Archibald Prize for Portraiture) and the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture.   I was selected for the Waterhouse Natural Science Prize 2013, and the City of Tea Tree Gully Nature Exhibition.

My real love is portraiture and I would love to paint your portrait!

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