X Sculptural Printmaker David Burns X



I graduated from Farnham School of Art in 1976, having studied ceramics and glass, I ran an arts business until I moved to Cyril Wood Court in 2010. I have now set up a new studio here and take inspiration from the Dorset countryside and coastline.
I have always seemed to attract the presence of spirit beings and often find their images in unexpected places, I work with these images which are usually either psychic drawings or photography in seemingly unattended places.
When etching I use aluminium plates using a combination of safe chemicals to produce the image. I then work into each plate as if it were a canvas  mixing each individual colour, applying it and blending it onto the plate before printing the image. I pass each print through the press more than once to add additional colours, often deliberately offsetting or reversing subsequent prints to develop an image.
After spending 2 years making a series of etchings, I decided to re-use the printing plates by cutting, combining and overlaying them in conjunction with precious stones, silver and found objects. Using this as a base. I then paint and re-etch on top to create compelling new artworks.
This exhibition is the result of my trying to capture the psychic and spirit images I am given (sometimes unwittingly) in a way that demonstrates there is more to art than meets the eye.