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“I am fascinated by the intricate visual manifestations and patterns of life:

People, plants, animals, the elements, rocks, landscapes,… their energy, their moods in a particular moment.

In my work I draw “snap shots” of these moods. Filtered through my own experience , I try to evoke these feelings and communicate that energy to the viewer.”

Elisabeth Rittinger grew up in Austria. She studied painting in Vienna in the Meisterklasse of Prof. Gustav Hessing and graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
She came to Canada in 1982 and now lives and works in Toronto.


b Gallery Artists – Are you aware of your Data Protection Rights ?

It has come to our attention that some of our artists images have been placed on a new site

Anyone displaying your artwork without your permission is contravening your data protection rights. If you have not given your permission we would advise you contact the site asking where they copied your images from and request they remove them.

We feel it is our duty to inform you of any untoward activity regarding your artwork and will continue to alert you of any questionable or wrongful conduct.

It is your right to choose where your artwork is exhibited and by whom.

If you need further advice or clarification on data protection please do not hesitate to contact us.

Assuring you of our best intentions at all times.

b Gallery

Are there any artists out there who have had problems with their images being used without their consent ?  We would like to hear your stories ……

X bGallery & Discover Art – July 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to our latest Newsletter where you will find updates on our exciting relationship with Discover Art, exhibitions and news from our bGallery members, competitions and much more.


It is easy to become a member of our website www.bgallery.co.uk now in its 5th year and one of theleading art directories with great connections and a solid dedicated database.


Benefits of joining include: 


Sell your work commission-FREE – ”I have made more sales and important contacts from bGallery”Peter Cleevely


Priority listing on the site – I found setting up & prioritising my listing very easy and I’m computer illiterate!” Artist Member Geoff Hutchins


Professional partnerships – “We work closely with bGallery in our search for up-coming artists topromote.” Buckingham Fine Art publishers.


Extra exposure – “We were impressed by the expertise of Julie and her team in getting her artists seenand are pleased to have formed a partnership with bGallery to the joint benefit of bGallery artists andDiscover Art” Ben Lane, Discover Art

Discover Art Digital magazine, issue 1, is ready to read NOW for FREE. See below for how to access your FREE subscription. Just click HERE to find out more


Congratulations to Sue Hall (New member) who has been approached by a gallery offering exhibition space, Picture Corner in Ampthill, Bedfordshire having seen her work on bGallery have offered Sue a fantastic opportunity to show her new collection called City Lights, says Sue “I am overwhelmed to have been seen and given such a great opportunity, the feedback I have had already has been brilliant and thanks to bGallery for organising a Press release, I am a new member and this has given me a real confidence boost!” Sue was also featured in her local newspaper and will be mentioned in the FATG magazine ‘Art Business Today’ of which bGallery are a member.

Monte Wright has given us great news: He has been approached to exhibit his art in FLORENCE, ITALY. “In fact, the gallery has now invited me to become a member of theGalleria360 for one year. It’s quite amazing that they even found me!”

Monte is an international artist who goes beyond the given and familiar, pioneering new technicques and materials in order to expand his own vision. Monte will be interviewed bystation CKWR in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada on July 10th 8pm 


To find out what our artists are up to and where they are currently exhibiting go towww.bgallery.co.uk and connect with them direct or via their visible social network links. All our artists offer ‘direct from artists prices’. bGallery charge no commission on our artists sales which is just one of the reasons bGallery is so successful, take a look today and help support our incredible selection of emerging artists!

Below are just a few of our newest members:

Gilbert Potts: Was born and bred in the West Country and has already captured the attention of galleries stretching from his home town of Minehead in Somerset to England’s East Coast, New York. He studied art and design gaining a Degree at Somerset College of Art and yet it was as the drummer in a Manchester band named The Jackdaws that he spent his early career fulfilling his long-held ambition of playing to clubs and pubs up and down the UK and to Stadium audiences across Europe. Little did he imagine that when he returned from touring in 2006 he would also find an appreciative audience for his art. Having worked almost exclusively on large-scale acrylic abstracts as a student, he began experimenting and fell in love with the immediacy and contrasts of pastels, thriving on the ultimate control gained through working the medium with his hands. In 2013 he created Mister Pickle and in 2014 he is to be launched across the world!

Steven Ward an artist from Cobh, Co.Cork, Ireland. Painting for Steven is like an emotional journey of colour, light and atmosphere transferred onto a blank canvas. He paints quickly and vigorously to start with to cover the canvas in the basic tones, then some details are added to pull the overall composition together. It is important for Steven not to lose the sense of emotion and life created by the sea, sky and landscape. Bold application of colour through brush strokes, palette knife and fingers is essential for creating the feeling he wants to convey. Steven attended oil painting classes with renowned artist Philip Gray and discovered the sheer pleasure and raft of emotion that comes from painting in oils. He spent two years under Philip’s guidance in his studio which was an amazing journey, and has helped him develop his own style whilst painting with sheer abandon.

David Gilchrist David is a Glasgow artist and loves to paint seascapes and portraits. He works mainly in oil colour and is showing some seascape paintings on his bGallery profile.
Commissions taken to order for portraits and seascapes.

Our big news for bGallery artists is they will now all get a chance to be seen in the digital version of Discover Art which has a staggering circulation of 127,000 in digital and print format. Discover Art magazine is available from WHSmith and other leading magazine outlets. The digital version will be free to download from www.bgallery.co.uk. Plus dont forget you can sign up and subscribe to Discover Art magazine HERE.

Discover Art will include inspiring and enlightening articles by Lucy Duke and Joe Dowden on watercolour, Thomas Doran and Iain Holman on oils, Anne Davies on acrylics, Rachel Munn on coloured pencils, and Susan Murtaugh on iPad art. They will be featuring a round-up of their favourite art materials and products, painting holidays to long for, how social media can help the artist by leading art blogger Katherine Tyrrell, interviews and profiles of successful artists including this year’s BP Portrait Award winner, Susanne du Toit, and a gallery of work by artists with a range of experience and approaches. Add to that articles about framing, exhibiting and art courses – there’s something for everyone in Discover Art magazine. bGallery are excited to be a part of this fantastic publication which not only offers great features but offers great promotion opportunities for artists.

As most of you know bGallery are just one of four jurors in GreatArt’s ‘Postcard Challenge’, the date for closing entries is looming fast so please if you would like to win one of the amazing prizes please send your entry in by 30th July – click HERE to find out how to enter and more about the prizes of which one is a 5 day painting holiday with renowned artist Ashley Hanson! (See image below).

If you have not seen the write up yet on Ashley’s May painting holiday in the North and South Coast of Cornwall click on the link:
. Ashley says “We had a fantastic week with a super group. The weather, inspiration and painting were excellent. Our next painting holiday is 22nd – 27th Sept”. It’s not too late to book but be quick! 

The great thing about entering competitions is the promotion they bring, letting people know that you have entered using social networking is a great start especially if the competition is ruled by votes!.

Here is a little bit more about bGallery for those of you that have not caught up with us yet!


A little about bGallery online art directory: bgallery blog views:55,080


bGallery started out as an Arts Centre in 2009, they had 40 emerging artists who exhibited their work alongside published artists. Over time they found that the list of artists wanting to join was growing and the artists that were already members wanted to stay! To overcome this it was decided to take bGallery online keeping to the same structure which was artists benefited from commission free sales, but even better joining the online gallery would be much more cost effective for them, just £65.00 per year or if preferred artists could ‘pay as you go’.


Advertising the gallery as well as their artists is key and started off promoting bGallery online directory using social networking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest – being online bGallery can now advertise their artists globally and in many publications such as ‘Art Business Today’, ‘Discover Art’ and ‘4 Walls’., they now have a healthy up-to-date data base of art collectors who they regularly mail giving information on artists, exhibitions, offers and news items – their database is currently an impressive 140,000 and includes commercial buyers. bGallery took great advice from the iLab who helped make the transition online as smooth as possible.


bGallery became partners with Discovery Media Group last year who advertise bGallery in their Art magazine ‘Discover Art’ and also shows bGallery artists in their online digital version of the magazine (exclusive to our artists and customers to download FREE from bGallery). bGallery are sponsors ofGreatArt who widely promotes them and were asked to be one of just 4 jurors in their current Postcard Challenge. As sponsors of GreatArt, bGallery have a presence in their worldwide customer mailshots which is a huge benefit for their artists.


bGallery have been a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild since 2009, this allows great advertising potential for both the directory and artists in their business magazine ‘Art Business Today’ and on their website. The magazine is directed at galleries and commercial buyers giving artists another audience including publishers and gallery owners. Again this is something that most online directories are not able to do and they are particularly proud of this


bGallery members ARE being seen by gallery owners and publishers, this month Sue Hall will be exhibiting at Picture Corner, Ampthill, Bedfordshire having been seen by the owner on bGallery. The benefit of working with gallery owners is clear to see, being members of the Fine Art Trade Guild provides many opportunities to bGallery artists & designers. Monte Wright is also now exhibiting at Galleria360, Florence, Italy having been seen!


bGallery artists sell at ‘artist prices’, meaning no gallery commission fees are added on sales direct from bGallery giving art buyers true value for their money.




‘bGallery are dedicated to helping talented artists be discovered’ and are just as passionate as the day they opened their doors. 

Artists..To request your passcode to join bGallery please email Julie 

at…. info@bgallery.co.uk with a link to your artwork or just attach 2 images.

St Michael’s Mount by jeanni

 Available for sale in The National Trust Shop Penzance, ‘The Original Artshop’, and through my website.


Inspiring Team Development, Art Lessons, Original Art Works, Prints & Cards



07818 838 524





twitter @jeanni_art

X Royal Academy of Arts – Summer Events

Summer events – something for everyone
Our summer programme is packed full of fantastic events to suit all ages and interests. Families can take advantage of free exhibition entry for under 16s, as well as trays of art materials ready and waiting for little hands to create their own masterpieces. You can also join us for special family workshops to help bring our exhibitions to life for younger visitors.Or for a more in depth analysis, why not join the BBC’s Arts Editor Will Gompertz for a tour of the Summer Exhibition or come along to one of our talks? On 4 July, South American legend Carlos Cruz-Diez will be here, and artist Cornelia Parker RA and architect Eric Parry RA explore the creative possibilities of cross-disciplinary collaborationhttps://www.royalacademy.org.uk/

10 Tips For Photographing the Moon

Beautiful ….

Dave Wegiel Photography

Ten Tips to Help You Make Better Moon Photos

With the first of two nights behind with a super moon in the sky I thought that would do another Ten Tips post. This summer there will be plenty of opportunities to make some nice moon photos as there will be three super moons this summer. The moon will be closest to us next month on August 10th. Tonight and on September 9th will also be super moons, although the moon will not be as close as in August. This is a list of tips that I have come up with after trying and failing to photograph the moon. It is not a final catch all list, but it is a good start to help you make the best picture that you can of the moon. With that in mind here are ten tips for photographing the moon.

  1. Use a Tripod…

View original post 677 more words

X Congratulations to Sue Hall at www.bgallery.co.uk

Congratulations to Sue Hall (New member) who has been approached by a gallery offering exhibition space, Picture Corner in Ampthill, Bedfordshire having seen her work on bGallery have offered Sue a fantastic opportunity to show her new collection called City Lights, says Sue “I am overwhelmed to have been seen and given such a great opportunity, the feedback I have had already has been brilliant and thanks to bGallery for organising a Press release, I am a new member and this has given me a real confidence boost!” Sue was also featured in her local newspaper and will be mentioned in the FATG magazine ‘Art Business Today’ of which bGallery are a member.