A Tuesday Puzzle…..


Our Local Council pleads poverty. Budgets cuts mean that many essential services have been cut back with the promise of worse to come….all sounds familiar in todays age of political one upmanship.
Remember the Path with the wet leaves I published yesterday, well take a look at the adjacent shot…same place but just one day later. Swept clean, I am told it was cleared as a Health and Safety issue! Why, this is a woodland path…. nor am I aware of it being cleared before. Just to add to the quandary none of the many other hard surfaced paths have been cleared, all are covered with plenty of autumn leaves.

Nor was it ever cleared in the snows last year….but I suspect it was too cold for the H&S assessors to venture out.

No doubt the Councils wisdom is far greater than mine.

I won’t tell them that tonight’s winds…

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