Monday…as predicted did turn rather wet



Yesterday was so wet….but my dogs still insist on walkies! So on with the Gortex, which has not been off the hook for a good while, and head off out. But I didn’t take the camera. So todays shots are on my not so smart, low res, smart phone. A very different view down by the lake from yesterday (see :-,

By now the overnight wind had eased leaving a carpet of newly fallen leaves glistening in the rain. Although the woods were dark the leaves seemed to reflect what little light was about and added a cheerful note to an otherwise very dank, dark day….

I guess after the spring summer and early days of autumn that have just been so glorious that we shouldn’t really complain….but try as hard as I can to remain cheerful I am afraid the weather, as always, sets the tone…like it or not! Certainly…

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