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Especially during the past twenty years, I have created several paintings which reflect memories of growing up on a small farm in the Missouri Ozarks.  
     Carolina and Bewick’s wrens frequented our barn and other farm buildings, and they appear in many of my paintings.
I still have some of the old weathered pans from those days and use them in paintings, along with burlap sacks and other items used on a farm in the 1930’s and 40’s. 
     Although many of you may not have had a farm experience, I hope the paintings speak to you of kindness and warmth.







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bGallery would like to wish all of our artists, customers, followers, friends and family a Peaceful and Merry Christmas

Best Wishes

Julie, Hazel & bGallery Team

X Carmela Castrejon Exhibits at Casa Valencia Galeria, at Liberty Station, in San Diego, California. This is titled “Dorada (imaginando)”.

Paper pulp, life size reliefs. I work using molds from models. The piece where we see the back of a women is currently exhibited at Casa Valencia Galeria, at Liberty Station, in San Diego, California. This is titled “Dorada (imaginando)”.


mujer dorada_contemplacion  5x


Just announced: contemporary works to join Rubens and His Legacy RAA

Royal Academy of Arts

Just announced: contemporary works to join Rubens and His Legacy

As part of our landmark exhibition opening in January, celebrated artist and Royal Academician, Jenny Saville, will curate La Peregrina, a personal and contemporary response to Rubens and His Legacy.For La Peregrina, Saville has chosen a selection of works by major 20th and 21st century artists. As well as paintings by Willem de Kooning, Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Sarah Lucas, Lucian Freud and others, you can look forward to seeing extraordinary new work created by Saville especially for this occasion.

“Whether you think you like Rubens or not, his influence runs through the pathways of painting. Like Warhol, he changed the game of art.” – Jenny Saville

If the prospect of our major Rubens exhibition wasn’t exciting enough, now you have one more very big reason to book your ticket today.

Rubens and His Legacy starts 24 January 2015. La Peregrina is included in the admission price.



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More Great Offers from GreatArt :


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Give the Gift of Art!

Shop Online this Holiday Season with the New Artist Fair

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new online shop. We have been helping artists affordably exhibit and sell their works in Central London since 2011.  With the opening of our new shop page, we’re carrying on this ethos and extending this fantastic opportunity to everyone online.
Our new online shop features carefully selected works by artists who have previously exhibited with us in our past art fairs and allows visitors an alternative and convenient opportunity to view and buy works at their leisure.





X Jeanni’s Christmas Art Offers X

I would like to offer you 50% off any classes and courses
booked and paid for by –
24th December 2014
The Ultimate Foundation Course
Three x 3 hour lessons
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Normal Price £360
Special Christmas Offer £180
The Ultimate Foundation Course
Three x 3 hour lessons
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Special Christmas Offer £270
Also 20% of All prints and Original images on my website,
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Please take a look at my new youtube link!
See my students at work and their beautiful artworks


X Andrew Hunter at Scottish Society of Artists Annual Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy on the Mound ,Edinburgh till 20th December

Andrew Hunter  currently has three pieces of art in the Scottish Society of Artists Annual Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy on the Mound ,Edinburgh . Open until the 20th of December it is an affordable art show here is one of the paintings.





Jill Meager’s Fantastic News

Hare 1- has been chosen by the charity Farms for City Children as their Christmas card this year. To buy, the link is http://farmsforcitychildren.org/shop/

thumb_Hare 1


The NOAC exhibition where my Crow Fledgling is included 
has now closed at Somerset House and will be at the 
Minerva Theatre Chichester from December 17th to January 

Crow fledgling med res

X Terry Kelly at www.bgallery.co.uk X





I was born in Manchester, England, in 1948. In the 70s and 80s, I attended adult art classes at Manchester University Campus under the tuition of the painter, William Ralph Turner (1920-2013), whose work is now selling for five figure sums, and life class under the tuition of the sculptor, Francoise Lewis where I became interested in the female form as a subject. I have appeared on Salford University’s Channel M TV and have had work in exhibitions in the UK and America. My work is in private collections worldwide.
When I approach a subject like a person, seascape or landscape, or the space occupied by a still life, I have no wish to duplicate these appearances – a camera can do that. What I try to do is translate what I see and what inspired me to draw or paint the subject in the first place, but in a way unique to me and my abilities as an artist. In this way, the work begins to bear the stamp of my own personality. Some might call it developing a style

I learned, you might say, by studying anatomy and copying old masters, from the Renaissance to the Modern, and I am still learning from the past and contemporary artists I admire. Having reached a level in my career where I can express my own signature, I feel and see in my palette knife paintings in particular, a new way of looking and portraying the subject that is both contemporary and aesthetic. I also paint landscapes and seascapes and find the moors above Greater Manchester inspirational because of the stark beauty of the Pennines. I see everywhere things that inspire me to paint, a combination of colours or shapes, the way someone is standing, a sailing boat out at sea or a cloud formation in the sky. These impressions I never want to be without and hope to share with anyone who appreciates art.