Being Lion Cubs

I was reminded how fortunate we are here in Portland, Oregon to have a great zoo. I live about 6 miles from the Oregon Zoo easily within our mass transit system’s range. For $2 a day I can travel anywhere I want including the return trip. I can choose any combination of bus or electric train.

On September 7th, 2013 we were blessed with three lively female lion cubs due to a successful mating between our big male, Zawadi & one of our two adult lionesses, Neka. The cubs are more than a year old now and have some new playmates to welcome to the pride. On Sept 8th, 2014 we added 3 more cubs, 2 females and 1 male by way of Zawadi and Kya, our 2nd adult lioness.

The new cubs have had a chance to meet their extended family in their outdoor habitat. The one year old…

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