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I was born in Manchester, England, in 1948. In the 70s and 80s, I attended adult art classes at Manchester University Campus under the tuition of the painter, William Ralph Turner (1920-2013), whose work is now selling for five figure sums, and life class under the tuition of the sculptor, Francoise Lewis where I became interested in the female form as a subject. I have appeared on Salford University’s Channel M TV and have had work in exhibitions in the UK and America. My work is in private collections worldwide.
When I approach a subject like a person, seascape or landscape, or the space occupied by a still life, I have no wish to duplicate these appearances – a camera can do that. What I try to do is translate what I see and what inspired me to draw or paint the subject in the first place, but in a way unique to me and my abilities as an artist. In this way, the work begins to bear the stamp of my own personality. Some might call it developing a style

I learned, you might say, by studying anatomy and copying old masters, from the Renaissance to the Modern, and I am still learning from the past and contemporary artists I admire. Having reached a level in my career where I can express my own signature, I feel and see in my palette knife paintings in particular, a new way of looking and portraying the subject that is both contemporary and aesthetic. I also paint landscapes and seascapes and find the moors above Greater Manchester inspirational because of the stark beauty of the Pennines. I see everywhere things that inspire me to paint, a combination of colours or shapes, the way someone is standing, a sailing boat out at sea or a cloud formation in the sky. These impressions I never want to be without and hope to share with anyone who appreciates art.