X Ray Hardcastle ‘Animal Artist’ at bGallery X







Ray Hardcastle was born in 1952 in Birtley,Co.Durham,.a then small mining town in the north east of england. He has always loved the countryside and everything in it that moves, Ray has loved drawing and painting from as far back as he can remember,  he would  spend hours drawing and painting animals , wildlife was his passion,so much so that all through his school days he was never allowed to sit near the windows in class, Ray was  more interested in what was going on outside, than in. Anyway he grew up and things changed and he now lives in  essex. he started  helping out his nephew in his cleaning company,and it became more or less full time .  so after  a talk ,, and  after years of, cleaning school kitchens,  Ray is back to do what he loves and that is  to become at least,  known  as a respected animal artist….he lives in hope…Ray hopes you like his work..



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