x Chris Sheldrake’s Marvellous Artwork bGallery

SN 0204 Thames view Oil canvas 51x51cms 750

I’m a self-taught Artist, I have spent several years developing my art work.I have consolidated and improved my style of painting over this period.

This has enabled me to say my art is easily recognised as Chris Sheldrake’s pictures. This sounds very easy, it was not.

I chose five criteria to concentrate on, Skies, Structures, Water, Atmosphere, and Inspiration. I use palette knife and brush and a host of other tools to get the effect I want.

I like to write, plan and practice  my pictures as I paint them.

So I consider myself as a cityscape/townscape artist.and I use a little bit of imagination to convey to the viewer an illusion of reality. Have a look at my website   www.chrissheldrake.uk


SN 0221 St Pauls in the mist Oil board 24x24 ins750


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  1. I love it! Transports me to a whole other place. Thanks for sharing Chris.

    Be A Blessing!


  2. Bravo! You started from scratch; and all on your own. It’s something to write home about.

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