x HERTS OPEN STUDIO 5th – 27th September 2015



X Paul Galligan at www.bgallery.co.uk

There’s not much to say. I have been painting for more than 20 years but am new to selling work. I did train as an animator with the fine art training that goes with that but I am largely self taught.






 Finished 5

x ‘Autumn Art Show Trail’ at Golden Hare – 1st – 30th September 2015





We are thrilled to be part of Bedfordshire Artists Network ‘Autumn Art Show Trail’, for the month of September. We will be showing a selection of work by 10 different Artists based in Ampthill.
Private View:
Friday September 4th 5-7pm
All welcome!
For more information –

x ‘Step in Stone’ is ready to rock! Starts on 8th July at Somerset Earth Science Centre






step in stone – a multi-disciplinary art project featuring work, by fourteen leading artists -offers a unique opportunity to encounter contemporary artworks while exploring the spectacular, wild landscapes of working and abandoned quarries. Local and international artists, all with connections to the South West, are creating a series of site-specific artworks inspired by the nature of quarries and their place in the cultural and industrial heritage of the Mendips.

Opening in July and stepping up in 3 phases to its finale in October, the event will occupy 6 different venues. Step 1 starts on 8th July at Somerset Earth Science Centre, near Shepton Mallet. On 15th August, Step 2 starts at Westdown/Asham and Halecombe quarries and Step 3 will be part of Somerset Art Weeks Festival’s Momentum programme, 3rd – 18th October, at Fairy Cave Quarry, Black Swan Arts Centre and Frome Museum. Special events include workshops, artist talks and guided walks run in collaboration with ecologists from Somerset Wildlife Trust’s Save Our Magnificent Meadows project. Walks in Westdown/Asham Quarry will lead groups into stunning areas, normally restricted.

The quarries’ natural history, ecology and geology are inspiring works in surprising forms. Tessa Farmer’s installations will feature tiny skeletal, anarchic fairies, preserved insects and taxidermy. Bristol poet, Ralph Hoyte, is creating a downloadable aural word-symphony and a motion activated poetic sound intervention. Artmusic will perform ‘Echo’, a theatrical response to the rock itself and the mechanics of quarrying, in Westdown Quarry (22/23rd August) and each weekend of step 3 in Fairy Cave Quarry, tying in with family days.

A Sculpture Design Competition was recently held to engage young people in the project. Winner, Charlotte McKeown, will create her sculpture with help from ‘step in stone’ artists, for exhibition at SESC. All entries will be on show during the finale at Black Swan Arts, with the top 20 designs in a special display area. Some of the work at Halecombe will be the product of school workshops run in July with Fiona and Suzie as part of SAW’s inspirED educational programme.

Funding for step in stone has come primarily from Arts Council England/National Lottery with additional support from IdeasTap crowdfunding, Mendip Hills Fund, Somerset Art Works, Gane Trust, Frome Town Council and partners Somerset Earth Science Centre and Black Swan Arts amongst others.

Leaflets and maps will be available at step in stone venues, Frome and Shepton Tourist offices and other local outlets. For further details about step in stone or to book a workshop, guided walk or artist talk visit:


 We will be unveiling a sculpture made that day by our young winner of the under 20’s sculpture design competition, Charlotte McKeown. 


x bGallery’s Carole Irving Exhibition until 25th September 2015

The Old School Gallery in Yetminster Dorset
http://www.yetminstergallery.co.uk it is on until the 25th September….
bright Border

My photography website is www.catswhiskersphotography.co.uk

My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/CaroleIrvingArtistandPhotographer

Twitter I tweet as @allergictonuts


x Marilyn Allis – Big Brush and People in the picture watercolour

Big Brush 4th September Using one just 2 large brushes, you have more control than you think.  A workshop that is all about painting loose and capturing atmosphere. a great workshop to loosen up in.Suitable for all abilitiesATT00001 People in the Picture 5th September
People are easier to capture than you may think, just blobs of light and dark paint, so don’t be frightened to include them in your paintings! you will find that they are totally addictive once you get started, so why not give this workshop a go, and learn how to create loose and lively figures in your paintings.
This workshop is perfect for anyone who already has a basic grounding in watercolour, but wants to take it to the next level, or for the experienced student who finds figures a challenge.ATT00002I have 2 spaces left on 29th October CHUNKY acrylicsI now have vouchers for special occasions to be used against workshops/ materials or paintings. please look on web site www.marilynallis.comATT00003
SKYPE marilyn.allis
Tel: 07789026546
Lower Courtyard
The Studio
Unit 2a
Rogers Hill Farm


x Karen Charman joins bGallery with her Stunning Artwork







I was born on the south coast of England a few yards from the sea and a mile or so from the countryside. As a child I spent hours either in a rock pool or in the country. My long held passion and inspiration stems from this time in my life although I have built on this and added the West Country moorland and arid Portugal. In my work I strive to persuade the viewer to also appreciate and share the beauty I see in nature. I love creating texture and atmosphere in each piece and also experimentation plays a big part in my processes. I am constantly working to find a way to allow the viewer to discover for themselves intriguing and evocative passages in each painting.

1-moorland falls


x John Heywood’s Exhibition – 17th – 20th September 2015

This is an invitation to my upcoming exhibition and sale of original paintings,depicting  coastal scenes from the Isles of Scilly and Greek Islands and landscapes from the Chilterns and the Thames Valley.

Part proceeds will be donated to “Dogs for the Disabled”.
Exhibition runs for 4 days from Thursday September 17 to Sunday September 20 inclusive from 10am to 4pm daily. The venue is at Lytchetts, Green Lane, Farnham Common SL2 3SR. (Just south of Beaconsfield). I plan to be present, working at a painting, during the opening hours.
Everyone welcome!
John Heywood

Smarty Lamps(SmartDeco) in the Theatre and Circus Fields at Glastonbury Festival






The Smart Deco team have been ‘out in the field’ creating décor with Smartylamps for the main stage tents in the Theatre and Circus Fields of Glastonbury Festival 2015 held in Somerset in South West England.


Smart Deco started business in 2004 with ‘SmartyLamps’ as its first interior décor product. An invitation to provide décor for the Circus Big Top in the Theatre and Circus Fields back in 2008 occurred after a selection of Smarty Lamps were installed in the Geneva Motor Show and were spotted by a lady working there who also managed the Circus Big Top at Glastonbury Festival.

Until 2010, Smart Deco provided the Circus Big Top with a larger selection of Smarty Lamps in large tube and diamond shapes, as well as the iconic Elektra design. The Circus Big Top management gradually purchased the lights made for the festival and were used annually to provide lighting between acts.

As seasoned festival veterans, we were delighted to be invited back this year to provide decor for another two main stages in T&C in 2015 Smarty Lamps created the installations for the Astrolabe Theatre (Glebeland), Cabaret (Bella’s Field) as well as the Circus Big Top.

The huge Smarty Lamps must be created on-site in a short timescale, to be hung before the festival starts. This is no mean feat! Over the years, the public have started showing up earlier and it is vital for the installations to be ready on deadline. Whatever happens, the show must go on – properly lit, and on time!



x Introducing Heidi Jayne Best’s Artwork at bGallery





Through painting and video I attempt to explore physical sensations and psychic emotions stemming from personal experience, female identity, sexuality and the presence of the body. The dynamics between myself and a physical projection through gestural painting are revealed through the growing connection between myself and the environment in which the work develops. My practice draws on memories expressed in a visual language worked out through visceral exploration of painterly surface, suggestion and movement. This passage is at the root of a series of paintings where I hope to reclaim the male dominated realms of expressionist painting through female selfhood and a deeply corporeal connection to the physicality of the materials I work with. It is through this reclamation that I hope to convey my identity within the expressive nature of the creative act. I see this as a ritualistic and almost symbolic method of development where the a physical trace of an artistic presence offers a lingering notion of the critical self-reflection that takes place within my practice dealing with elements of my personality, sexuality and desire