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My work, which is a combination of modern impressionistic and naïve expressionistic styles, are all done in acrylic. It allows me to express joyful moments in people’s lives in a very naïve manner, using bright colours, and expressing movement through using different brush strokes and canvas mixes of colour. The works are characterised by themes with which I can identify myself, and colours that contradict reality. With each of my paintings I want to express moments in a way that children would express them, innocent and creative, proud of their work, visible and understandable, but free from rules and realism.

This style enables me to think back to my own childhood when children were still children, and grown-ups could still go about enjoying life. I want my work to tell people something about what I have experienced at a point in time, through a piece of art that will brighten up people’s lives, homes, offices and other environments. It is peaceful and joyful, and I want people to see and feel this through my art.





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