Smarty Lamps(SmartDeco) in the Theatre and Circus Fields at Glastonbury Festival






The Smart Deco team have been ‘out in the field’ creating décor with Smartylamps for the main stage tents in the Theatre and Circus Fields of Glastonbury Festival 2015 held in Somerset in South West England.

Smart Deco started business in 2004 with ‘SmartyLamps’ as its first interior décor product. An invitation to provide décor for the Circus Big Top in the Theatre and Circus Fields back in 2008 occurred after a selection of Smarty Lamps were installed in the Geneva Motor Show and were spotted by a lady working there who also managed the Circus Big Top at Glastonbury Festival.

Until 2010, Smart Deco provided the Circus Big Top with a larger selection of Smarty Lamps in large tube and diamond shapes, as well as the iconic Elektra design. The Circus Big Top management gradually purchased the lights made for the festival and were used annually to provide lighting between acts.

As seasoned festival veterans, we were delighted to be invited back this year to provide decor for another two main stages in T&C in 2015 Smarty Lamps created the installations for the Astrolabe Theatre (Glebeland), Cabaret (Bella’s Field) as well as the Circus Big Top.

The huge Smarty Lamps must be created on-site in a short timescale, to be hung before the festival starts. This is no mean feat! Over the years, the public have started showing up earlier and it is vital for the installations to be ready on deadline. Whatever happens, the show must go on – properly lit, and on time!