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Artist and Photographer Richard Waldron now at bGallery

I paint mainly representational landscape and figure work. I strive to tell a story whilst emphasising light and colour in my own style.
I am influenced by Monet, Van Gogh, Eric Gill, Matisse and Picasso. I strive towards a graphic or impressionistic rendering, though return often to representational work.
I dislike the lack of drawing and observational skills to be seen in so much contemporary ‘conceptual’ art which I see as less art, more craft. Artists such as Hockney and Hopper in the USA are examples of good modern representationalism with drafting and painting skills.
Marija Posso, curator and publicist based in New York City says: “I really enjoy your art, especially the visceral, landscape paintings. Each piece conveys a sense of endless wonder and imagination. Your stylistic approach reminds me of reflections, memories and dreams combined with reality. I find these works to be thoughtful, moving, and I’d like to know more about them.”

His work is also published at www.saatchionline.com/profile/178864





Ballet Lesson 800px


Renata Ayutova Joins bGallery





 I am Renata Ayutova and I’m from Baku, Azerbaijan. Despite the fact that I study Business Management and Marketing in the UK, I have always had a keen interest in art. During the school years I created many abstract water-colored paintings and cross-stitching on various topics. It seemed impossible for me that one day I could do realistic portraits. Somewhere two years ago I did my first black & white portrait of Salvador Dali. My family and friends could see the progress in portraiture and adviced me to create an art page on Instagram. The positive feedback stimulated me to start to do not only black and white but also colored portraits.

IMG_0453                                     IMG_0455

Anne Farrall Doyle at bGallery

I was born in Cheshire, England. Later studying at Stockport College of Art, following which I spent an informative period in a Manchester advertising agency. Eventually I took the plunge and entered into the world as a freelance illustrator.

I acquired a high profile London agent and gained a continuing reputation as a Fashion Illustrator, although I continued to work on a wide variety of subject matters and gained clients both national and international.  A love of travel and varied experiences took me to many countries in Europe and North Africa. I worked and settled in Spain, France, Munich and Ireland.


My inspiration can come from the transience of nature or the intriguing social exchanges.
The impact of light falling and changing becoming intertwined with complex shadows and reflections gaining always a graphic perfection.
My subject matter ranges from my surrounding earthscapes, people, still life, nature and animals. A visual excitement can be sparked by a knarled knot in a tree, gracefully limp grasses waving in a breeze, shimmering reflections in the field puddles. I so love to drift between cafes and streets capturing moments of happiness, loneliness and interaction. But always the deciding factor is the perfect balancing of colours and shapes, always the aim is just too far.
My working world is necessarily a solitary one albeit I have my faithful four legged companions; sometimes their paws plant their own imprint on the day’s work.  After a morning’s sketch, planning and sourcing material helped on by many cups of tea, the moment arrives when I feel the need to work, quickly, to allow my canvas to open up and join me in a mind’s picture.
My chosen medium is primarily oils although all mediums can be used to achieve my mind’s vision. Eventually when all is working well I begin to work on another level of intuition. I am now trusting my own inspirations. This is the joy and pain of painting.
We have such a short time on this beautiful earth, I can but give thanks.




ann farrell

 Contemplation oil on box canvas 28x24

Moonlit Sparkle 24x28 oil on box canvas.

Photographer Pascal Barnier at www.bgallery.co.uk





Image creator since 1985, the camera has become like a extension of myself, a seventh sense. I learned the history of photography and the history of art in general in order to push my research even further in creating more within the field of photography.

As the 19th century pictorialist, I met the scuplteurs to learn how light plays with textures, I’m intoxicated by the light of sunrise and sunset to feel this special rate that the days light. I even warmed up to the light of the moon and stars, and discovered the polychrome lightning and meteor trail.

Using the transparency, I like to create symphonies sensation, felt, merging nature with urban planning.

Welcome in my universe.


bGallery Introduces Photographer Aivis Ilsters

I am photographer from Riga, Latvia.
My first photo camera I got when I was seven years old and since then never put it away. I believe it corrected my vision – at first physically and later also for my soul as I grew into seeing and appreciating beauty around me.








Barbara Jackson’s Beautiful Artwork




Barbara Jackson studied at St Martin’s School of Art and the University of London Institute of Education.  Her work has been exhibitied at different locations in the UK and overseas which include several galleries such as the RA Summer Exhibition, the Mall Gallery, the OXO Gallery and other locations in the UK.  She has twice been invited to demonstrate at Art in Action and has taken part in the first Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead in London.  She has been awarded five prizes in print making and has held successful one-man exhibitions in the UK.  She is a member of the Southbank Makers Cooperative, Gabriel’s Wharf London and the Printmakers Council.

Solitary Journey B jackson 4

Circle of Light

Lily Datony at www.bgallery.co.uk


autumn together - for galley

I’m inspired by the perfection, colours and freedom of Nature and how we are affected by this. I am a self-taught artist and my greatest pleasure comes from creating paintings that make you feel good. Art can lighten up your soul and your world and can bring out the best in you and your environment. All my art is made with this feeling and this positivity is passed onto the buyer through that work.

The Fine art can lead us to different consciousness and can bring deep healing too. I love working with different mediums including oils, watercolour, pastels, pencils, tempera and acrylic. I enjoy painting landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, floral and portraits.

Healing spring - for gallery

summer flowers -for gallery

Lesley Mcshea’s Beautiful Ceramics at bGallery

Wedding Favour commemorative tea light holders Copy

Lesley has been passionate about Ceramics for as long as she can remember.

She trained in Australia, where she gained a thorough knowledge of glazes and making techniques..

Upon returning to her homeland in 1984, she gained a BA Honours degree in Ceramics at Middlesex University in 1992.

Lesley has been running her present studio in Church Street Workshops, London for 14 years. She has an invaluable assistant, Moriaki Yamauchi. She runs private courses for Adults in her studio.

Visitors by prior appointment only.

Lesley has actively worked in Adult Education in London since 1985.

Her work is mainly wheel thrown, one off unique functional Stoneware.

Professional Member of Contemporary Potters Association.

Member of London Potters.







Wheel thrown zebra pattern bowl