John Cash’s Photographic Work now at bGallery

    • John Cash has been recognised in Ireland for his landscape & wildlife photography. In more recent years John has added images which capture aspects of the hidden or older Ireland. These include images of prople saving turf in the bogs, traditional musicians & our traditional horse fairs. John has sold work on a number of occasions into the Irish state art collection, he has also exhibited his work twice in the USA & in London, as well as many parts of Ireland. He has been featured many times on Irish TV for his work & also worked for a number of print media outlets in the past. This year John has been invited to Lecture the photography department at the Georgia Regents University in the USA a huge honor for a self taught photographer.


    Dreaming of Giants. Giants Causeway. Co. Antrim._1

    Gone Fishing_1

    john c

    Kilcooley boat house._1