Talented Artist Peter Goodhall exhibits on bGallery






Peter Goodhall has had many solo exhibitions and produces work in a wide range of subjects. He also regularly exhibits at the annual exhibitions of the Royal West of England Academy, the South West Academy of Fine Art, the Royal Society of Marine Artists, the Mystic Maritime Museum in the USA and the Cork Street Open. He won the SAA title ‘Artist of the Year’ with his painting ‘Liberty’. For many years he has been internationally recognised for his drawings and paintings with strong historical and nostalgic influences. A considerable amount of his work has been published. His work can be found in public and private collections worldwide including the RAF and the Royal Navy.

Peter is a representational painter preferring to work in oils on linen canvas and frequently on a large scale. In his paintings that combine water and the female nude, working exclusively from his own photography he concentrates with a high degree of realism on the sensual forms and patterns that emphasize both movement and the play of light. This theme was first explored in the 1970s and has recently been returned to.



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