Hellena, a voyage of colour and light by Pascal Barnier


a voyage of colour and light

by Pascal Barnier

Bilingual French/English

A voyage of colour and light travel beyond the stars.
Excerpts travel during which the author met his muse.
A collection of 21 creations accompanied by thoughts associated with.

Forewords :

The color and light are closely related since the color is a component of light.

A set of vibrations and energies that surround us every day.

Often, I let go of my thoughts around the world.

Then they move away from the earth, visiting the moon, the rings of Saturn, the canals of Mars, the entire solar system and continuously in the light output of the Milky Way.

I let myself imagine other worlds,in which I travel by harvesting shoots.

Each of these shoots have an energy of its own,

a story told by its lights and colors.

The stories have an energy of its own.

I mix these energies into a single image that shows the world that gave birth to her images, but also are history and memorabilia.

In a way, it is the representation of her DNA.

Generally, there is no humanity on the worlds I visit.

But there is sometimes, things have changed.

I met someone.

And it has become more and more important in my life. I decided first to dedicate an image and a collection.

Finally, it is not a dedication but the album dedicated to her.


Pascal Barnier (1967) was born in Manosque, Alpes de Haute-Provence, France. He started photography in 1985. For 20 years he taught the history of art and the different techniques of painting, sculpture, photography and film-making view to have a thorough knowledge of the light. How to capture, coax the return. Love of writing from an early age, and after a long journey in galleries and art fairs, he returned to his pation album together through its images and texts. To reach a wider audience and give a playful side to his works, all his works are bilingual.







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