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I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings. I have chosen some from each of the four categories on my website: Anthropomorphic Antics, Jungle Themes, Animals and Fantasy.

I must admit, there is a fair amount of cross-over between the categories in one or two of them: unexpected characters have appeared on the canvas taking what was to be a serious depiction of nature or place for instance, into a whole new realm.

I got serious about building up my portfolio three years ago. My plan was to demonstrate  my versatility with a variety of subjects.  After a while, each one seemed more enlightening than the last, ideas have flowed like water from an inner well I had previously no idea existed. I never know whether an idea will work, some are still ‘works in progress’ but I can see growth -crucial, for a self-taught artist.

Creating my quirky images fills me with what I can only describe as joy – please excuse the exuberant language, I don’t like to gush – perhaps it’s because I love to see other peoples reactions to them, or could it be that I alone know all the hidden secrets behind each one…..?

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  1. I wasn’t able to leave a comment on each of your posts due to my tight schedule but, just so you know, I love your paintings! I also show them my mum who’s a designer and she is pretty fond too. Especially like the volor combinations and motives you choose. Keep it up😊❤️


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