Meet Frank – Roy Meats Interview


Tell us about Frank

Frank is a scarecrow from Gloucester.  He was well looked after for years and was a happy scarecrow.

Each winter he was bought in from the cold; re-stuffed; new clothes and then put back out in the spring.

This went on for years then stopped.  He was never bought in, the farm was being neglected all because the farmer had become old and ill.  He was unable to look after the farm and had no one to help him.

The farm became rundown and fields were unploughed and full of weeds.

‘There was no use for a scarecrow.’

Eventually Frank was taken from the field and shoved up against an old disused barn.  He stayed here for years.

One day a van arrived at the farm.  Frank and all of the farmers’ belongings were put in the van.  The van drove for hours.  Eventually when it did stop Frank and the farmer were somewhere on the coast.

The farm had been sold and the farmer had retired to the seaside.  He had become just too old to look after the farm.

The farmer had always been a busy man and he could not get used to just doing nothing day in and day out.  He decided to become a deckchair seller and for a novelty would use Frank to advertise his deck chairs.

Frank was happy again he now had a purpose.

And this is where Frank’s story begins…

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