Doreen Adams now exhibiting on bGallery

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Doreen Adams

“I happily spent my childhood exploring and connecting with nature. I currently reside in Belgium. ‘Today’s kids are increasingly disconnected from the natural world,’ says child advocacy expert Richard Louv and author of Last Child in the Woods. Through my art I want to reacquaint our children and ourselves with nature and the power of imagination. Adding imagination to our lives liberates us from many of our limitations. In 2004 I was introduced to the ancient art of mosaics.

After extensive research of techniques and materials I gravitated to a Venetian glass called ‘smalti.’ Drawn to its luminosity and vivid colors, I began using the Direct Method to assemble an image, the technique of cutting, laying and gluing the tesserae directly onto a substrate. Combining my nostalgia for the past, my fascination with nature, my painstaking and instinctual attention to detail and the challenge of making each piece work towards the complete work, I ignited a new found passion and experienced instant success.

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doreen adams


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