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a Portuguese garden

I was born in Porto, Portugal, 1947. Always interested in Arts but followed a different career  for family reasons. Taught English during 35 years in a public school for children aged 10 to 15, but at the same time attended two art schools. This way I started painting in 1979 and had my first solo exhibition in 1986  in the town where I live. Since then I never stopped. Until today I count with more than 20 solo exhibitions and much more collective ones. This year I’m interested mainly in creating paintings having on their basis the great Freast of Senhora da Agonia in Viana do Castelo. This is intended to be for a next solo exhibition in that lovely coastal city of the North of Portugal, possibly for next August, the month when these feasts take place. Since my retirement back in 2009, I decided to pay a tribute to my country, painting  its landscapes, traditions and culture.  Before my retirement I used to paint foreign countries most cherished items, like the English Gardens of the Southwest which I visited in 1996, USA memories from my visit in 1991, the garden of Monet in Giverny too. Aside from this I paint whatever I like and whatever I’m asked for, like portraits or pets. Also abstracts.

All commissioned work is welcome. My newest paintings are for sale- the originals. About others I have made, only copies can be afforded, once I’ve sold many of them or offered some.

My favourite statement: Painting is to make peace with our soul.

Welcome to my artwork. Isaura Xavier de Campos

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