Jeremy Turner’s Artwork at bGallery

A gift from Mexico started it – a painted carved wooden fish. he was struck by its crude vitality and knew he wanted to make things like this. Jeremy’s personal visual language has developed from a familiarity with many carving traditions,particularly Romanesque sculpture and Mexican Folk-Art.

Graduating as a sculptor in 1970, he started his woodcarving business with an Enterprise Allowance Scheme grant in 1985. As well as carving dishes and bowls he started doing a lot of relief carving and lettering, so that house signs and relief panels soon became an important part of my work.

Jeremy takes pleasure in working with wood, how it behaves, how it cuts with

sharp tools, the smell of it. he uses relief carving to unite picture

making with the physical deliberateness of carving, combine colour with the

crisp use of light and shade, and play with shape, form, pattern, and textures.

With this language and material I explore many themes:  human desire and want; conflict, intolerance, and other major issues and anxieties of our time; and pattern, number and geometry in natural forms. He brings together shapes of cars, expensive watches, handbags, perfume bottles and warplanes, to evoke joy, threat, attraction and repulsion, and a wonder at the everlasting mystery of creation. Jet planes drop lipstick bombs and cars and wheels sprout leaves and flowers.

As well as making large relief carved wall pieces, Jeremy still makes carved dishes, bowls, sculptural vessels, paper knives and pendants. He is always open to enquiries from people who want something made that is special and unique.




Christine Dodd’s A Weekly Art Journey Session

Artist Christine Dodd has always used art to process emotions and explore the inner landscape of thoughts and feelings. Now you too can learn the tools to access your creativity in new and exciting ways.

Pots Of Positivity – an ongoing weekly session using papier mache, the invitation is to create pots/vessels with words/poetry, images and positive messages personal to you. £15 per session. 10.30am-12.30pm Thursday.

Have a look at Christine’s website for more details and other sessions available –


Penelope Paige Satchwell joins bGallery with her Vibrant Artwork

Mysterious Antecedents_1

I am originally from Alexandria, Virginia. I grew up in Old Town Alexandria. I lived in the John Carlyle mansion. My grandmother was the curator. Due to being a military wife I moved around a lot. I ended up in Watertown, NY. I lived there for over 10 years. I moved a few years after my husband passed away in 2009.

This is where my story begins……

When I first started painting I literally painted all day every day for a year in my garage when I lived in Watertown, NY.  I would put six to ten canvases on the garage floor. I would paint through the wee hours of the night. I would sleep for a few hours. I would get back up and do it all over again. In the summer time I transformed my drive way and back yard into studio space.

A few years after my husband passed away I relocated to Seneca Falls, NY. Now my studio is in a barn. I have no heat. In the winter time, it can get very cold. In the summer time it gets very hot. I love painting in my barn; it is truly a wonderful place to be.

I have adopted a variety of techniques that have become a signature part of my work. I unleash these methods as needed. Many people think that drip painting or abstract painting is little more than “throwing” paint on a canvas. In reality, it is harder than it looks. In creating my paintings I allow myself to respond authentically to my materials. What transpires during the process is between the canvas and I. Lacking the need for much certainty in my life: I am inspired to create art that is risky, subversive, and edgy. Sometimes my work is suggestive or spontaneous, but it’s never uncomplicated. Uncertainty is the essential, inevitable ingredient for creating something that you never thought you could create. I do not use brushes. I use sticks or whatever I happen to find laying around my barn.

My paintings are clearly not for everyone. I do not paint for commercial appeal. I do not follow the latest trends. My pieces are unique, dynamic, and emotionally charged, which I believe are vital aspects of true works of art. My paintings are sought after, and supported, by a growing number of private clients who are emotionally moved and physically drawn to them. My art is bursting with imagination, vibrant with life and a true expression of my passion. They are living proof of who I am and what I am feeling at that moment. My paintings seize a moment in time and capture it on canvas. The canvas is the only place where I feel perfectly happy and at home. The canvas keeps me connected with someone who will live forever in my heart and soul. He is in every painting. He is in every swirl and splash of paint. For me, painting is as natural as breathing. The canvas accepts me for who I am. It accepts my shortcomings, mistakes, Scottish temper and all of my neurotic tendencies.

My paintings are shown and collected both nationally and internationally. I have a master’s degree in psychology. I have no formal training in art. What you see on the canvas comes from my imagination and pure love of painting. If you are moved by the work you see here, are interested in purchasing a particular piece or would like a studio tour, send me an email,


Zephyr Winds 2_1

David Oatley exhibits his work at bGallery

CCF11022014_0000 2 - Copy

CCF11072014_0000 - Copy


DAVID OATLEY 21-10-1950. Yes 63, Self taught artist. Originally from Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Educated at Wells Cathedral School where I developed a love of painting, especially architectural scenes and landscapes. I was lucky enough to be taught by Peter Coate, a well known landscape painter. After leaving school and college, I spent 38 years in the construction industry. In the year 2000, I started to become very ill and by 2008 had to stop work because of a very debilitating muscle wasting disease. From then on I took up water colour painting, and have, I think improved year on year. I have now sold painting, internationally, nationally and have become well known in the North Cotswolds, which is now very much my home. I am surrounded by wonderful architecture and beautiful rolling hills every one a painting. I am now very disabled and add to my limited income, by selling my, originals, prints, postcards, blank cards and very importantly commissions of landscapes and architecture, at the moment my commission rate is a very palatable £250.00. I hope to receive many commissions. I just can’t stop painting!


River Bridge and Path

Leigh Kemp’s New YouTube Video of his Artwork

See more of Leigh’s Artwork using links below – 


Throw me a lifeline

Amelia Tuttiett Shows her Exceptional Talent at bGallery

My name is Amelia Tuttiett and my work is mainly concerned with looking at the quirkiness of life, I draw inspiration from the everyday and try to add my own humour to it.




Maggie Tweed at bGallery








Lisa Cody-Rapport’s Beautiful Artwork


I am a painter and theatrical designer interested in the collaborative processes and artworks created by the performance of live theatre, particularly as applied to expectations, illusion, and transformation.

I am currently expanding on the painting side of my constant intersection with art and theatre by showing paintings in London with Art Below recently in Art Below Regent’s Park, Art of Angel and soon in the Summer Show at the West Bank Gallery.

The Summer Show paintings are inspired by the challenge of a summer solstice theme, which I used to develop imagery based on the astrological chart for the 2014 solstice.

I’ll be working in acrylic on several ideas connected to this theme and will post the images as I complete them.

The watercolor’s and pastels that you can see have been painted on-site while travelling.

I’ve just completed Soltitium and will be travelling in the UK for the next two weeks.  I will be updating with some travel images soon!

Check out my Pinterest boards at:

Via Garibaldi_Venice

Artist Dawn Rodger at bGallery

I became interested in art at an early age. It was the thing I was known to be good at while at school; it made it okay to be shy, quiet and not so confident about sport or my scholastic abilities. Drawing and painting were and still are a source of comfort and satisfaction. Several years ago, I fell ill suddenly with encephalitis (an inflammation in the brain) ending up in intensive care unable to breathe for myself and with little coordination. Since then, I have relearned how to breathe, talk, eat, write etc and rejoined work and family life. Throughout all this, my painting has provided rehabilitation and an outlet for my frustrations. I become lost in a world of colour and texture and let the frustration and compromises of everyday life melt away.
I usually work in oils. I love the smell of linseed oil, the way the paint feels as it smears and the vibrant effects on the colours that glazing can produce. I always use high quality paints mainly Michael Harding or Old Holland and usually assemble and prime the canvases myself to ensure that the pictures will be a good long term investment for people. I also protect the pictures with a layer of retouching varnish to keep the colours vivid and rich.

Ann Brooks’s Stunning Textiles at bGallery


Ann became interested in weaving many years ago when living in northern Sweden – lots of her friends had family looms and this is where her interest in textiles was stirred. On returning home she attended the local weaving classes.

Later, when the children had grown up she attended basket weaving and chair seating classes completing the city and guilds certificate at Missenden abbey. Towards the end of the 1990s she returned to loom weaving.

Designs for her work are heavily influenced by many things including her basket making background, walking through the Chiltern countryside with her two dogs and regular visits to the Victoria & Albert Museum.
Ann generally weaves silk scarves and wraps/shawls though her work does include place mats in paper, linen and willow.

Ann uses mainly silk but often incorporate fine merino wool, high twist silk and high twist wool, linen and cashmere.

During the past few years She has exhibited and sold at galleries and other venues in various parts of the country.