Clare Sykes joins bGallery with her Stunning Artwork

Clare is a self-taught artist who occupies her thirst for learning and creating using nothing more than her raw passion for the craft. She derives inspiration from all around her. Clare’s paintings are created using an exciting range of mixed media that depict an abstract surrealism with depth and vibrancy. Blended with Clare’s atmospheric style, her work is injected with energy and moods inspired by her own emotions. She is continuously developing and evolving her style as an artist, making her work a refreshing addition to any space. ‘When you see a piece of artwork, your imagination is transported as if you were standing side by side with the artist. Artwork frees your imagination and mind to fly. It’s shared emotions, it’s the essence of who you are’ Not every wall deserves a painting, but every painting deserves a wall!




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    Gorgeous artwork..such talent

  3. Beautiful! I especially love the yellow flowers.

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