Lisa Cody-Rapport’s Beautiful Artwork


I am a painter and theatrical designer interested in the collaborative processes and artworks created by the performance of live theatre, particularly as applied to expectations, illusion, and transformation.

I am currently expanding on the painting side of my constant intersection with art and theatre by showing paintings in London with Art Below recently in Art Below Regent’s Park, Art of Angel and soon in the Summer Show at the West Bank Gallery.

The Summer Show paintings are inspired by the challenge of a summer solstice theme, which I used to develop imagery based on the astrological chart for the 2014 solstice.

I’ll be working in acrylic on several ideas connected to this theme and will post the images as I complete them.

The watercolor’s and pastels that you can see have been painted on-site while travelling.

I’ve just completed Soltitium and will be travelling in the UK for the next two weeks.  I will be updating with some travel images soon!

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