Alison Street – Wildlife Artist in Zambia exhibiting on bGallery

Alison is predominantly a Wildlife artist living in Zambia.  She has been painting wildlife now for 10 years although she does paint portraits, abstracts and landscapes occasionally. She is so lucky to be living in a country where the wildlife is abundant and poaching is controlled.  Alison donates a portion of her art sales to conservation, i.e:

Game Rangers International

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Conservation Lower Zambezi

Alison’s and her husband spend most of their free time in the Lower Zambezi  and South Luangwa National Parks.  It is from here that she obtains the inspiration for her artwork.

Alison does like to paint her backgrounds in abstract form but feel that the wildlife should be portrayed as they are.


Alison Drake at bGallery

I have been painting since I was a young girl and love to use various mediums including watercolour, inks and acrylics. I feel my approach is fresh and free flowing. Painting for me is about passion and the ability to express my feeling through colour and imagination. I love to paint to music and listen to various genres especially 60’s and 70’s soul and pop. I also draw inspiration from my surroundings, living in the heart of the Yorkshire National Park has given me a great love of the countryside and the flora and fauna that surrounds me. I especially enjoy the abundance of wild flowers in the Spring and Summer. The ever changing scenery and colours even in Autumn and Winter influences my colour palette and ideas for my next project.

I love to teach and I host several watercolour classes and take genuine satisfaction from seeing my classes grow and improve their own skills through dedication and practice.

I enjoy working with different textures and methods and always embrace new ideas, working intuitively and naturally, splashing paint onto a canvas and losing myself in the moment to create unique pieces that I hope people enjoy and take as much pleasure from them as I have in producing them. I exhibit my paintings in several galleries and have had work travel as far as Canada and Australia.

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Welcoming Kevin Moore to bGallery

Kevin runs The Art Studio in Thetford and teaches art to all ages. He has had a passion for art since a youngster and is most comfortable with a brush or pencil in hand. Kevin produces a range of work and uses different medium from oils, pencils, acrylics, watercolours, pen and pastel. He is available to do commissioned artwork, please do contact him.

Kevin loves big cats, people, landscape and seascapes. He is a keen sports fan, especially cricket, football and rugby. He is married with 3 children and enjoys photography and chess.


This week Kevin has been running a number of classes including watercolours, drawing skills & general art classes for children to adults. He has been working on two pieces that are now almost complete, one a portrait of Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King, the other, a child friendly piece on Sherman and Mr. Peabody!





Derval Freeman’s Artwork now Available at bGallery

Painting is an integral part of who I am, it is my primary form of expression which allows me to achieve a sense of belonging in the world. Painting is a way for me to investigate and resolve my place in areas of time and space in which I occupy.The environment I am most drawn to is nature. Being surrounded by forestry and vast mountainous spaces trigger my sense of place. It evokes a wonder that drifts between the relevance of humanity and the purpose of existence. When isolated by the surroundings of nature a dialogue emerges through self-awareness where a bond between humanity and nature is significantly felt. Back in my studio this dialogue has a strong hold on what happens when I paint and my aim is to bring these conversations to the surface turning them into something tangible.Photography is something that I would use as a type of journal, recording ideas and inspirations. I often bring my film cameras out with me to capture the things that interest me about a certain environment. I try to capture the atmosphere and mood of a place that mirrors my mood and emotion. I often put myself into the photo so I can become a part of it. When I study the resulting negatives and images I use the ones that bring visual narrative to my attention.

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Monte Wright’s Artwork now at


Monte is a mixed-media, international artist who has exhibited in several countries such as the United States, England, Poland, Canada, and Florence, Italy. His work varies from monumental murals to contemporary, abstractive and computer generated images.Since 1962, Monte has created a series of work called ” Behind the Mask ” and Three Dimensional panels.based on the World Around Us.

Monte Wright was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, but is based in Ontario, Canada. He presently works in a Kitchener home studio. The accomplished artist’s latest project sees Monte being featured as a Modern Master in the upcoming New York publication “Art in Focus”.

Today, Monte Wright is an internationally recognized artist. In 2010 and 2011 his art has been shown in New York, N. Y. ; New Haven gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Florence, Italy; London, England and Argentina.

His work is found in many collections throughout Canada and the United States. Example locations are as follows: The Brandon Sun collection in Manitoba; The Fogarty House, Chester, Vermont, U.S.A.; Kitchener Farmers market, Kitchener, Ontario; Creelman Hall, University of Guelph, Ontario; Fellowship of Christian Police officers, Toronto, Ontario; and Tony Flanagan House, Bosham, United Kingdom.

Since 2000 Monte has been exploring a series of digital landscapes. Painter and artiste extraordinaire, Monte herein establishes himself once again as an artistic force to be reckoned with. A powerful painter, Monte’s overture places him with the likes of Lucian Freud and Kandinsky. Yet, while Monte’s works have the swirling energy of many great artists, they also suggest something quite different: the murmuring of numerous voices beneath each layer. The artist’s work has changed greatly over the years, and is seldom simple. He courageously goes beyond the given and familiar, pioneering new techniques and materials in order to expand his own vision.

Many of his recent projects are exemplars of Monte’s penchant for monolithic, eccentric, dynamic forms and bursts of emotion. His art is impulsive but not violent—and more seductive than confrontational. Monte’s works don’t want to assault you, but they suck you into their oceanic swirl, carrying you along for the ride. The magic emerges in the tension between control and spontaneity, and the result is invariably surprising, open-ended, poetic and spiritual.

He explores the series by illustrating the concepts of portraying angels in swirling landscapes of vivid colours. Through all these unique works Monte creates a sense of viewing a new, yet relatable world. His work takes us back to our very beginnings, before written laws, received wisdom and force of habit all but shackled our individual creativity and freedom of expression. At the center of the dense storm of shape and colour, he contrasts the extreme movement of the background with the stillness and drama of the figure. While the background can be read as representing past, present or future, the existence of the brilliantly embedded figure signals a rich interior.

A master of colour, Monte is equally adept in his use of pure colour in his digital prints. He uses soft brown or black to neuter the surrounding cacophony of colours. The artist’s intent is to block out the outside world in order to give the viewer space in which to roam freely. Monte’s work impacts our senses, awakens our emotional memory, and empowers us to see the universe and beyond. He teaches us that a painting should not end on the canvas. It should encourage viewers to create worlds of their own. And, with each and every brushstroke, Monte’s work allows us to do just that.

Since 1962, Monte has shown his work in many private and public galleries, both nationally and internationally. After retirement in 1992, Monte pursued a full-time career in art. His interests continue to vary in scope, from monumental murals to contemporary, abstract art, social issues and computer- generated images.

02 Journey to the Unknown mixed media on canvas 18x24in. 1500_2         011 The Mechanics of Life acrylic on canvas 24x30in. large size_1

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Book Available by bGallery Artist SylviAnn Murray ‘The Diagnosis Should Have Been ARTIST’  –  @amazon 


‘Bipolar Creative’ 

Artist SylviAnn Murray at bGallery

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Prior to the emergence of my current style in 1990 which I describe as “SURREAL-EXPRESSIVE”, I had a very realistic style and would draw animals and people.

I started experimenting with universal symbols and using art to express emotions in the summer of 1990. I realized that I could use my art to heal myself in a way that “talk therapy” could not. I became immersed in the creative process as memories surfaced and conflicts emerged in my art.

I noticed that I was in fact an “ARTIST'”, but was more involved in the healing process that was taking place. As a result of my personal journey, I now strongly believe in the HEALING POWER of ART. I also believe that I was meant to be an artist and that I need to create in order to be happy. I have been prolific since 1990, and find that since I have worked through a lot of my personal pain, I am now able to create new worlds and have fun with my art.

My mission now is to share my art with others in hope that it will inspire them to “get their ART out”.

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Scott Kirkwood at bGallery

Watercolour - Acropolis

Scott Kirkwood’s work as a Portrait Artist has run concurrently throughout a career as an Architect, Designer and British Army Officer.  During his extensive operational deployments to Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Somali Basin, his art has developed alongside the performance of his duties, depicting an authentic perspective of the human condition in conflict afflicted regions.

Scott’s field experience in Human Intelligence has allowed him to engage and understand people across diverse environments, while the Architect’s eye has applied detail and nuance to the message he sought to convey.  Commissioned by multiple regiments throughout the British Army and NATO, he has produced limited editions of military and individual subjects which continue to sell widely.

As he leaves full time military service, expands his range of material beyond purely military subjects and embraces a broader commercial audience, Scott’s work is entering an exciting new phase.  Adopting a looser, more dynamic style of presentation, his pencil sketches now morph into detailed watercolour at points of focus in his portraits of faces, figures and architecture.

Amongst his influences are masters such as Johannes Verneer, David Roberts, John Singer Sargent, Charles Sargent Jagger MC and Sir William Russell-Flint.  Photographer Joel Pelerin and artist Rob Hefferan are also much admired.

Watercolour - C130 - Para Wedge LLP

Watercolour - Guatemala Girl

Christine Dodd’s Spiritual Artwork at bGalley

My paintings are inspired by pivotal moments in my life, experiences that have at times, altered my perspectives and the future narrative of my life and work. I try to capture specific emotions, energy and movement in my work in an experiential way, each piece representing an experience, situation or conversation,