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Prior to the emergence of my current style in 1990 which I describe as “SURREAL-EXPRESSIVE”, I had a very realistic style and would draw animals and people.

I started experimenting with universal symbols and using art to express emotions in the summer of 1990. I realized that I could use my art to heal myself in a way that “talk therapy” could not. I became immersed in the creative process as memories surfaced and conflicts emerged in my art.

I noticed that I was in fact an “ARTIST'”, but was more involved in the healing process that was taking place. As a result of my personal journey, I now strongly believe in the HEALING POWER of ART. I also believe that I was meant to be an artist and that I need to create in order to be happy. I have been prolific since 1990, and find that since I have worked through a lot of my personal pain, I am now able to create new worlds and have fun with my art.

My mission now is to share my art with others in hope that it will inspire them to “get their ART out”.

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