Scott Kirkwood at bGallery

Watercolour - Acropolis

Scott Kirkwood’s work as a Portrait Artist has run concurrently throughout a career as an Architect, Designer and British Army Officer.  During his extensive operational deployments to Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Somali Basin, his art has developed alongside the performance of his duties, depicting an authentic perspective of the human condition in conflict afflicted regions.

Scott’s field experience in Human Intelligence has allowed him to engage and understand people across diverse environments, while the Architect’s eye has applied detail and nuance to the message he sought to convey.  Commissioned by multiple regiments throughout the British Army and NATO, he has produced limited editions of military and individual subjects which continue to sell widely.

As he leaves full time military service, expands his range of material beyond purely military subjects and embraces a broader commercial audience, Scott’s work is entering an exciting new phase.  Adopting a looser, more dynamic style of presentation, his pencil sketches now morph into detailed watercolour at points of focus in his portraits of faces, figures and architecture.

Amongst his influences are masters such as Johannes Verneer, David Roberts, John Singer Sargent, Charles Sargent Jagger MC and Sir William Russell-Flint.  Photographer Joel Pelerin and artist Rob Hefferan are also much admired.

Watercolour - C130 - Para Wedge LLP

Watercolour - Guatemala Girl