Alison Street – Wildlife Artist in Zambia exhibiting on bGallery

Alison is predominantly a Wildlife artist living in Zambia.  She has been painting wildlife now for 10 years although she does paint portraits, abstracts and landscapes occasionally. She is so lucky to be living in a country where the wildlife is abundant and poaching is controlled.  Alison donates a portion of her art sales to conservation, i.e:

Game Rangers International

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Conservation Lower Zambezi

Alison’s and her husband spend most of their free time in the Lower Zambezi  and South Luangwa National Parks.  It is from here that she obtains the inspiration for her artwork.

Alison does like to paint her backgrounds in abstract form but feel that the wildlife should be portrayed as they are.


Welcoming Kevin Moore to bGallery

Kevin runs The Art Studio in Thetford and teaches art to all ages. He has had a passion for art since a youngster and is most comfortable with a brush or pencil in hand. Kevin produces a range of work and uses different medium from oils, pencils, acrylics, watercolours, pen and pastel. He is available to do commissioned artwork, please do contact him.

Kevin loves big cats, people, landscape and seascapes. He is a keen sports fan, especially cricket, football and rugby. He is married with 3 children and enjoys photography and chess.


This week Kevin has been running a number of classes including watercolours, drawing skills & general art classes for children to adults. He has been working on two pieces that are now almost complete, one a portrait of Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King, the other, a child friendly piece on Sherman and Mr. Peabody!





Artist SylviAnn Murray at bGallery

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Prior to the emergence of my current style in 1990 which I describe as “SURREAL-EXPRESSIVE”, I had a very realistic style and would draw animals and people.

I started experimenting with universal symbols and using art to express emotions in the summer of 1990. I realized that I could use my art to heal myself in a way that “talk therapy” could not. I became immersed in the creative process as memories surfaced and conflicts emerged in my art.

I noticed that I was in fact an “ARTIST'”, but was more involved in the healing process that was taking place. As a result of my personal journey, I now strongly believe in the HEALING POWER of ART. I also believe that I was meant to be an artist and that I need to create in order to be happy. I have been prolific since 1990, and find that since I have worked through a lot of my personal pain, I am now able to create new worlds and have fun with my art.

My mission now is to share my art with others in hope that it will inspire them to “get their ART out”.

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Roger Heaton’s Striking Artwork

Roger Heaton is known throughout the British Isles for his animal portraits, many of which are specially commissioned for private collections.

He originally had a formal art training, has had experience in the advertising and publishing worlds and, for the past 36 years, has concentrated solely on painting

Throughout those years he has successfully completed well over 1730 paintings in a wide range of mediums.



Amelia Judd at bGallery

Hello, my name is Amelia and I’m an artist from the New Forest in England. I studied Illustration at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Right now I live in South Korea teaching English and painting in my free time. I like to paint people, animals, the sky, flowers, trees, clothes, windows, and the sea. I hope to one day to write and illustrate my own children’s books. I work mostly on paper with korean poster colour, very similar to watercolours. Contact me if you like my work and want a commission.



Jenny Reynish’s Unique Artwork


Gardens of Delight

Rain Forest 2

I am an artist and illustrator living and working in East Sussex. My work is largely inspired by travel and nature, the sea and memories of things seen and experienced. I love the vibrant colour and detail of indian and North African buildings, landscape and artefacts, and often work from my sketchbook drawings created on the spot.

I work as an illustrator mainly in the field of children’s publishing, and have recently been discovering printmaking and the pleasure of unexpected results.

Susan E Ash at bGallery


Tending toward “the poetic,  mythical and symbolic,”   Susan E. Ash’s studio practice explores pleasure in the organic world and a sense of universal belonging. Interested in the restorative powers of nature and a unique psychic cavern where animals and trees operate as sentient fellows, these works are deeply layered and of exponential spiritual import. Whether pastel and colored pencil on paper, collage, digital photography, or oil and acrylic on canvas these works are richly colored and cosmically linguistic. Dreamlike and vivid with a current of understated beauty, these paintings and drawings interrogate the cyclical ecologies of living and dying. Compositionally dense and yet free-flowing and polyrhythmic, Ash’s painterly gesture is an expression of embodied sentiment, longing, faith and sacred feminine intuition.

Born in Derby, UK, Susan E. Ash has been painting and drawing since she was a child. She attended Wolverhampton, Exeter College of Art and Westminster University and was involved with the Feminist Art movement in London in the 1970’s. She has exhibited widely in London and currently lives in Devon.   Presently on contract with the Agora Gallery, New York, until October 2014.


X Ray Hardcastle ‘Animal Artist’ at bGallery X



Ray Hardcastle was born in 1952 in Birtley,Co.Durham,.a then small mining town in the north east of england. He has always loved the countryside and everything in it that moves, Ray has loved drawing and painting from as far back as he can remember,  he would  spend hours drawing and painting animals , wildlife was his passion,so much so that all through his school days he was never allowed to sit near the windows in class, Ray was  more interested in what was going on outside, than in. Anyway he grew up and things changed and he now lives in  essex. he started  helping out his nephew in his cleaning company,and it became more or less full time .  so after  a talk ,, and  after years of, cleaning school kitchens,  Ray is back to do what he loves and that is  to become at least,  known  as a respected animal artist….he lives in hope…Ray hopes you like his work..