Kathy Linden Joins bGallery with her Beautiful Paintings


I am a painter living in Florida where color attacks my senses on a daily basis. I am a University graduate with a degree in art. I work primarily in acrylics and often incorporate different gel mediums in my work. Sometimes it is merely to add dimension to a canvas and other times to entice the viewer with lots of texture. I move between brush and palette knives for different effects and in this way directing light to and around the subject matter. Over the years, my work has evolved into a more figurative and expressionistic style. I always see color exploding everywhere! Most significant, I think, is my blatant use of vibrant color in most of my work. My goal is to invite the viewer to want to look closer, to see detail not always apparent from afar. I also want the viewer to look and wonder, “why did she use those colors?”. I intentionally violate the rules, juxtaposing cools against warms. Sometimes I want the viewer to be uncomfortable with my use of color. But, if it makes them stop and look and wonder………………then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do!





IMG_000112            IMG_0003939