Derval Freeman’s Artwork now Available at bGallery

Painting is an integral part of who I am, it is my primary form of expression which allows me to achieve a sense of belonging in the world. Painting is a way for me to investigate and resolve my place in areas of time and space in which I occupy.The environment I am most drawn to is nature. Being surrounded by forestry and vast mountainous spaces trigger my sense of place. It evokes a wonder that drifts between the relevance of humanity and the purpose of existence. When isolated by the surroundings of nature a dialogue emerges through self-awareness where a bond between humanity and nature is significantly felt. Back in my studio this dialogue has a strong hold on what happens when I paint and my aim is to bring these conversations to the surface turning them into something tangible.Photography is something that I would use as a type of journal, recording ideas and inspirations. I often bring my film cameras out with me to capture the things that interest me about a certain environment. I try to capture the atmosphere and mood of a place that mirrors my mood and emotion. I often put myself into the photo so I can become a part of it. When I study the resulting negatives and images I use the ones that bring visual narrative to my attention.

Sara Rushton’s Beautiful Artwork at bGallery


I work in mixed  media and draw on a broad  range  of  inspirations, from Nature, Texture  and Patterns, Stained  Glass, Mandalas, colour  form………

Many abstract works develop organically  and  grow  as the piece  develops. They are intended  to work on several  levels, using  symbolism and imagery that  narrates  a ‘story’ or  the  theme  of  the  painting  and  hopefully  engage  the viewer  in seeing  different  things  in the  work.

I also  work on Landscapes  as I  am especially  inspired  by  the beautiful landscape in which I live.

Doreen Adams now exhibiting on bGallery

Adams_1_bgallery_The White Rabbit _1


Doreen Adams

“I happily spent my childhood exploring and connecting with nature. I currently reside in Belgium. ‘Today’s kids are increasingly disconnected from the natural world,’ says child advocacy expert Richard Louv and author of Last Child in the Woods. Through my art I want to reacquaint our children and ourselves with nature and the power of imagination. Adding imagination to our lives liberates us from many of our limitations. In 2004 I was introduced to the ancient art of mosaics.

After extensive research of techniques and materials I gravitated to a Venetian glass called ‘smalti.’ Drawn to its luminosity and vivid colors, I began using the Direct Method to assemble an image, the technique of cutting, laying and gluing the tesserae directly onto a substrate. Combining my nostalgia for the past, my fascination with nature, my painstaking and instinctual attention to detail and the challenge of making each piece work towards the complete work, I ignited a new found passion and experienced instant success.

Adams_3_Animals_The Caterpillar copy - Copy_2

doreen adams

Erica Brook’s Stunning Artwork at bGallery


I work in most media across a wide range of subject areas, each theme being the springboard for ideas informed by the continuing process of the painting. The landscape of the Staffordshire Moorlands is a constant source of inspiration: the hilly market town of Leek with its outstanding architecture and, to the North, the rocky outcrop of the Roaches marking the start of the Pennines, offer variety and opportunity to explore different ways of interpretation. In much of my work, the prime concern is with colour shape and line, and the challenging and puzzling concepts of space and time on a two dimensional surface. These pre-occupations, together with the changing natures of the materials used, inspire experimentation where the subject matter becomes secondary to the ideas explored. Exhibitions Eleven solo exhibitions throughout Durham and Staffordshire Thirteen group exhibitions Nine Open exhibitions: Staffordshire, Bath, Birmingham, and London Public work – all in Leek, Staffordshire 2012 Design for Manifestation on window frontage of Trinity Church, Derby Street 2013 Design for Dancing Railing – Foxlowe Arts Centre 2013 Commission for Wetherspoon’s Green Dragon pub of The Big Mill

4 Film Night at Foxlowe


Introducing Artist Jennie Bergius to bGallery Followers


Jennie Bergius is a 29 year old watercolour artist, living and working on a little island on the Swedish west coast.

Jennie has painted with watercolour since she was 5-6 years old and now works as a watercolour artist with her own firm.

Nature is a deep source of inspiration. Jennie seeks to investigate and explore a dream world in our reality.




Mark Duffin’s Stunning Work


Mark Duffin was born and raised in 1960’s rural England. He is a freelance artist and illustrator who has worked across various creative fields. After studying graphic design and illustration at college he embarked on a career in the commercial world working freelance for design consultancies, advertising agencies and publishing companies in the UK and overseas. However, as a versatile artist, he has produced artwork outside of the restrictions and deadlines of the corporate arena. Duffin branched from his digital design work through to creating more personal fine art pieces in oils and acrylics. It is his striking, private paintings of recent times using traditional media that are some of his most inspiring works.

Nature is a key theme in the beautiful paintings he produces today. With a keen eye for detail and expressive use of colour Duffin’s artwork showcases the serenity and mystery of nature. However, his vibrant pieces go far beyond simply representing picturesque scenery, instead they display an intense and almost magical realm. His vivid creations draw the viewer in to an enchanting world, evoking a sense of calm and transporting our minds to a peaceful, spirited time and place.









x Lucy Jade Sylvester – ‘Art in Action’ July 16th 2015


Lucy Jade Sylvester

The Birthstone for June is pearl. I use pearls occasionally, usually set in a cabochon setting or strung, pictured above is a neckpiece combining pearls and a silver hawk moth.


Lucy On Show

I feel very privileged to be demonstrating at Art in Action in July, this is a show not to be missed, based in Oxfordshire over 4 days, it features incredible work from almost every art discipline (and great food and music!).

Samples of my new work will be on show for you to try.

Art in Action 16th to 19th July

X Aurora Spain at bGallery X

The purpose of my paintings is to uplift the spirit and excite the eye. My new body of work, ‘The Touchables’ , goes a step further – they are tactile.  At the same time, my adventurous and studied use of colour deliberately reflects the optical laws of physics whereby the after-images complete the spectral effect, leaving the observer with a deeper sense of satisfaction.


The Touchables Angel Flower_1

The Touchables New World

Zoe Adams Stunning Paintings


My name is Zoe, and i am a self taught, self employed artist. I have been painting for around 7 years.

I usually always work in acrylic, and like to paint from photographs and or any pictures i can use for reference.I am interested in painting animals, nature, land/seascapes and can work from your favourite photographs

My paintings are unusual in style and i always like to use lots of detail.

My work so far has covered various subjects as you will see from the photos here. I am always available for commission work, so if there is a painting you would like to commission me for please get in touch either by phone or email.