Welcoming Kevin Moore to bGallery

Kevin runs The Art Studio in Thetford and teaches art to all ages. He has had a passion for art since a youngster and is most comfortable with a brush or pencil in hand. Kevin produces a range of work and uses different medium from oils, pencils, acrylics, watercolours, pen and pastel. He is available to do commissioned artwork, please do contact him.

Kevin loves big cats, people, landscape and seascapes. He is a keen sports fan, especially cricket, football and rugby. He is married with 3 children and enjoys photography and chess.

Email: kevinmoore758@btinternet.com

This week Kevin has been running a number of classes including watercolours, drawing skills & general art classes for children to adults. He has been working on two pieces that are now almost complete, one a portrait of Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King, the other, a child friendly piece on Sherman and Mr. Peabody!









Martina Furlong joins us at bGallery with her Beautiful Paintings

Martina Furlong was born in Co.Wexford, Ireland in 1974, moved to London in 1999 and returned to live in Ireland in April 2015. She received a BA (Hons) in Fine Art painting from Limerick School of Art and Design in 1996.

She has had solo and group exhibitions in London and Ireland and her work is in private collections across Europe, America, Canada and Australia.

She paints abstracts and landscapes and works in oils and acrylics. In her work she likes to exaggerate reality, mix it with memories and imagination and paint her interpretation of it.

Martina is based at The Paintbox Gallery and studio in Oulart, Co.Wexford






IMG_6500 1_2


Artist Dawn Rodger at bGallery

I became interested in art at an early age. It was the thing I was known to be good at while at school; it made it okay to be shy, quiet and not so confident about sport or my scholastic abilities. Drawing and painting were and still are a source of comfort and satisfaction. Several years ago, I fell ill suddenly with encephalitis (an inflammation in the brain) ending up in intensive care unable to breathe for myself and with little coordination. Since then, I have relearned how to breathe, talk, eat, write etc and rejoined work and family life. Throughout all this, my painting has provided rehabilitation and an outlet for my frustrations. I become lost in a world of colour and texture and let the frustration and compromises of everyday life melt away.
I usually work in oils. I love the smell of linseed oil, the way the paint feels as it smears and the vibrant effects on the colours that glazing can produce. I always use high quality paints mainly Michael Harding or Old Holland and usually assemble and prime the canvases myself to ensure that the pictures will be a good long term investment for people. I also protect the pictures with a layer of retouching varnish to keep the colours vivid and rich.

Doreen Meek’s Inspiring Artwork at bGallery



Doreen has always drawn and painted. Colour and texture are her main passions and she is attracted to scenery and objects which lend themselves to being painted in bright colours.

Doreen is inspired by beautiful places she visits and often create a piece working from memory and feelings.

She has also been inspired to paint from reading novels such as the opening passage of the ‘shadow of the land’ evoking strong and vivid images in her hand which she feels compelled to paint!

Doreen’s work is varied. She paints in oils, watercolour and mixed media. She enjoys experimenting with different styles and materials reflecting the world around her, the changing seasons, places of interest and emotions.

Tony Taylor’s Stunning Landscapes



Port de Dinan Brittany_1

Tony painted in oils for many years but it was not until he retired in 1991 that he took up watercolours seriously. Since then, he has taught this medium at the College of Further Education, run his own Winter Evening Classes and Week-end Workshops, given demonstrations to local groups and societies, as well as provide work for his annual exhibitions.

In 1999, following an approach from the Guernsey Tourist Board, he embarked on an additional venture, creating WATERCOLOUR HOLIDAYS IN GUERNSEY for those who wished to combine a holiday in Guernsey with tuition in watercolour painting. He then extended his courses into the UK with regular visits to Cumbria, North Norfolk and Snowdonia. Due to health problems within his family he has been running his courses only in the island of Guernsey for some time and, reluctantly has recently taken a decision to retire from teaching watercolour in structured courses at the end of 2013 to enable him to spend more time painting for himself. He intends to continue providing Private tuition on a one-to-one basis in Guernsey, details of which may be found on his website, www.paintingbreaksguernsey.com.

Tony has held a number of successful one-man exhibitions locally and his work may be found in Guernsey Galleries and private collections. He would describe himself as a traditional landscape artist, having spent considerable time studying and following the work of the late James Fletcher-Watson, R.I., RBA. He is determined to continue to promote the great tradition of pure watercolour which his good friend James was so anxious to preserve.

Salthouse CottagesNorfolk

Winter at Grasmere Lake Cumbria

The talented Gill Bustamante joins bGallery










Gill Bustamante B.A. – Artist and Art Tutor, Sussex. – I paint beautiful landscapes and life forms that promise better times and places.

I paint in oils on large canvases using thick luscious paint. The subjects are most often about Sussex fields and meadows, woodland scenes, animals and seascapes with mystical elements within them. They are affordable, expressionist, impressionist and slightly art-nouveau in style. They also tend to be attractive and multi-faceted to look at close up as well as from a distance.

I am not arty, deep, mysterious, tortured, ‘emerging’ or anything else artists are sometimes expected to be and neither am I remotely likely to get famous. I just like painting. I am inspired by music, cake and practically anything I look at. I plan to pretend I am dead at some point in order to sell more paintings.




Lily Datony at www.bgallery.co.uk


autumn together - for galley

I’m inspired by the perfection, colours and freedom of Nature and how we are affected by this. I am a self-taught artist and my greatest pleasure comes from creating paintings that make you feel good. Art can lighten up your soul and your world and can bring out the best in you and your environment. All my art is made with this feeling and this positivity is passed onto the buyer through that work.

The Fine art can lead us to different consciousness and can bring deep healing too. I love working with different mediums including oils, watercolour, pastels, pencils, tempera and acrylic. I enjoy painting landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, floral and portraits.

Healing spring - for gallery

summer flowers -for gallery

Karen Gaetz’s Beautiful ArtWork

Karen Gaetz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, right on the doorstep to the Rocky Mountains.  This led to her love of nature and the outdoors.  Karen now resides in Kent in England where she paints from home and onsite when possible.  The beauty of the Kent countryside inspires her current.

Her interest in art began at a young age, culminating in training via scholarship at the Alberta College of rt, and then on to The University of Alberta.  She attained further training through various workshops. Karen paints in oils, acrylics, and watercolours.  There is also a burning desire to learn how to sculpt.


Karen has won numerous awards for her work over the years, including many jurors’ choice awards, and the prestigious Bert Earle award.

As the mother of four children many of her paintings have a theme with youngsters.  The love of animals and nature is also reflected in many of her paintings. Her passion for colour is evident in the vivid hues and tones she uses.



Kevin Edwards Landscape Paintings at bGallery





My interest is representational painting. The main subject of my painting is landscape. I interpret the light in the landscape with a heightened level of colour harmony. The colours are carefully saturated to emphasis the warm and cool light.

I use the paint to create an equivalent for any detail. The emphasis is to paint with the paint and create light with colour.

I’ve painted many commissions, from specific requests for a particular house or view to general requests to paint a particular season or time of day.

The most frequent size for my paintings is 16×20 inches which usually takes approximately 30 hours to complete. I use artists quality oil paint from Windsor and Newton, Michael Harding and Rembrandt. Framing is done by Frame House http://www.framehouse.co.uk









Stunning Artwork of Nicola Colbran Freeman




Inspired by light, nature and my travels.

I paint in a variety of mediums.  Oil being my favourite, however I also work in watercolour and pastel. My subjects are varied as I constantly need a challenge and am alwyas seeking new and inspiring images to capture.  My work includes portraits inspired by many years working as an international make-up artist.  Animals and pets which have always surrounded me, and the human body.  I love plienair, sea, sky and landscape with its ever changing light.

My studio/gallery is at my home on the Kent/Sussex border in an area of outstanding natural beauty and it is here that I do much of my painting and commissions.

I was born in London, went to Rochester School of Art after leaving school, then persued a career in Fashion and after a short time proceeded to work as a freelance make-up artist.  I spent many years travelling the world and was lucky to visit many stunning places which still inspire me.

To paint is such a great joy and I always look forward to my next project.