bGallery Introduces Photographer Aivis Ilsters

I am photographer from Riga, Latvia.
My first photo camera I got when I was seven years old and since then never put it away. I believe it corrected my vision – at first physically and later also for my soul as I grew into seeing and appreciating beauty around me.




Zoe Adams Stunning Paintings


My name is Zoe, and i am a self taught, self employed artist. I have been painting for around 7 years.

I usually always work in acrylic, and like to paint from photographs and or any pictures i can use for reference.I am interested in painting animals, nature, land/seascapes and can work from your favourite photographs

My paintings are unusual in style and i always like to use lots of detail.

My work so far has covered various subjects as you will see from the photos here. I am always available for commission work, so if there is a painting you would like to commission me for please get in touch either by phone or email.