Derval Freeman’s Artwork now Available at bGallery

Painting is an integral part of who I am, it is my primary form of expression which allows me to achieve a sense of belonging in the world. Painting is a way for me to investigate and resolve my place in areas of time and space in which I occupy.The environment I am most drawn to is nature. Being surrounded by forestry and vast mountainous spaces trigger my sense of place. It evokes a wonder that drifts between the relevance of humanity and the purpose of existence. When isolated by the surroundings of nature a dialogue emerges through self-awareness where a bond between humanity and nature is significantly felt. Back in my studio this dialogue has a strong hold on what happens when I paint and my aim is to bring these conversations to the surface turning them into something tangible.Photography is something that I would use as a type of journal, recording ideas and inspirations. I often bring my film cameras out with me to capture the things that interest me about a certain environment. I try to capture the atmosphere and mood of a place that mirrors my mood and emotion. I often put myself into the photo so I can become a part of it. When I study the resulting negatives and images I use the ones that bring visual narrative to my attention.

M.D. Becker – Stunning Photography

M.D. Becker is a self taught photographer that lives and works in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. His interest in photography began to blossom in 2007 when he bought his first camera, since then it has infinitely grown.

His primary focus is on old building, barns and landscapes. Through his use of color he creates a juxtaposition of a place that is familiar but, only exists in the mind of the imaginer. A place we have seen in a dream but, never have visited.

His photography style is varied. He utilizes realistic, impressionist and abstract styles to create new worlds and dream like scenes.

He is a Juried member of the Reading-Berks Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. He most recently has been featured in the “Home at Last” exhibit in the Craftmen’s Lancaster gallery and the Firefly Bookstore and Gallery.



Photographer Pascal Barnier at


Image creator since 1985, the camera has become like a extension of myself, a seventh sense. I learned the history of photography and the history of art in general in order to push my research even further in creating more within the field of photography.

As the 19th century pictorialist, I met the scuplteurs to learn how light plays with textures, I’m intoxicated by the light of sunrise and sunset to feel this special rate that the days light. I even warmed up to the light of the moon and stars, and discovered the polychrome lightning and meteor trail.

Using the transparency, I like to create symphonies sensation, felt, merging nature with urban planning.

Welcome in my universe.


bGallery Introduces Photographer Aivis Ilsters

I am photographer from Riga, Latvia.
My first photo camera I got when I was seven years old and since then never put it away. I believe it corrected my vision – at first physically and later also for my soul as I grew into seeing and appreciating beauty around me.



Gillian Hunt A.R.P.S and her stunning Artwork at bGallery

Diva Fairy

Fairy Cross

Gillian Hunt is a Macro Photographic Artist living and working in Perthshire.

As a child amongst nature I found a land full of magic lit with incredible peace and joy. I found a place of belonging where there is no judgement, no pressure and no time limits and without realising a place where the rest of the world falls gently into place. This ‘communing’ with nature has continued into my adult life and I spent time every single day out amongst the flora and fauna that surrounds where I live . . . either just being amongst it, or studying it, or, when the time is right – photographing it.

I have now found that through my photographic art I can actually re-create the feeling of congruence and magic I first experienced as a child and now I want to lead people down to the bottom of their garden and introduce them to that magic teach them how to look at the light and the shade and perhaps allow them time to find their own congruence for a time whilst they are involved in my images.

Full Bio available on my website . . .

Faerie Ballet – the work . . .

Faerie Ballet – A Year in a Day in the Secret Life of the Faeries

Ever wondered what the Faeries get up to at the bottom of the garden? Well maybe this panel will shed a little ‘light’ and magic onto that very subject.

These images, photographed over three years at various locations and at various times throughout the day, depict Faeries in the ‘Ballet’ of their lives.

Sleeping Beauty_3

Julie Coe’s 2016 Calendar Available for Purchase


Option available to choose other images for the calendar.

More of Julie’s Artwork available to buy and view at –

Alexander Kazakov at bGallery

For each person recognition of the world – the miscellaneous and considerably differs from others. For me each photo is the moment from life. They are like a breath. Who can tell, what one breath is more important than another? I photograph when I have time. Nobody gives to me of tasks and cannot tell:« Go and shoot ». I photograph, when I feel ready. If I cannot concentrate, I will not photograph, even such thought will not come to me mind. I cannot tell that I notice all around, but I try… And, sometimes my photos even precisely correspond to my expectations. Though happens that the good photo turns out casually. Actually I trust in a happy occurrence: there can be an interesting detail in a picture which I have not noticed, or even has noticed, but has not attached importance.


Mireille Beaufremez’s Impressive Art


Mireille Beaufremez is a computer artist, using her own photography, drawings , paintings or collages as a base for digitization.

The aim of her work is to reveal nature’s energies as she experiences them.


Virtual Gallery of bGallery Artist Leigh Kemp

Leigh Kemp’s has setup his fourth virtual gallery “Some things old, some things new” at
It’s a collection of some of my older and more recent work …..
Tea Time



Scenes from an Enchanted Forest (Single)
This is a little slice from my Magic in Macro. The actual subjects are dried flora and the ‘scene’ was put together and photographed in my studio in Scotland using various subjects and also including light refracting material to bring a feeling of other worldliness to the image.
Gillian Hunt is a self taught photographic Artist specialising in Macro Photography of flowers and grasses. She won the Wildlife in the Garden category in 2010 with and has been commended and highly commended and shortlisted in many other photographic competitions. Also in 2010 Gillian gained her Licentiateship with the Royal Photographic Society – followed by her Associateship with the same a few months later she is currently working towards her Fellowship with the RPS Gillian is currently exhibiting in her own small studio in Perthshire Scotland – Wildgrass Studio alongside her husband. They also run a framing and printing business specialising in working with other artists. She can also be seen at Fortingall Art in Scotland at the end of July and is taking part again in Perthshire Open Studios also in Scotland.