Alison Street – Wildlife Artist in Zambia exhibiting on bGallery

Alison is predominantly a Wildlife artist living in Zambia.  She has been painting wildlife now for 10 years although she does paint portraits, abstracts and landscapes occasionally. She is so lucky to be living in a country where the wildlife is abundant and poaching is controlled.  Alison donates a portion of her art sales to conservation, i.e:

Game Rangers International

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Conservation Lower Zambezi

Alison’s and her husband spend most of their free time in the Lower Zambezi  and South Luangwa National Parks.  It is from here that she obtains the inspiration for her artwork.

Alison does like to paint her backgrounds in abstract form but feel that the wildlife should be portrayed as they are.


Henry T Barr’s Amazing Artwork at bGallery

Henry T.Barr is an artist working mainly in portrait paintings.He has no formal training in art, however he went on several courses with notable artist’s to arrive at what he paints today.


Roger Heaton’s Striking Artwork

Roger Heaton is known throughout the British Isles for his animal portraits, many of which are specially commissioned for private collections.

He originally had a formal art training, has had experience in the advertising and publishing worlds and, for the past 36 years, has concentrated solely on painting

Throughout those years he has successfully completed well over 1730 paintings in a wide range of mediums.



Renata Ayutova Joins bGallery


 I am Renata Ayutova and I’m from Baku, Azerbaijan. Despite the fact that I study Business Management and Marketing in the UK, I have always had a keen interest in art. During the school years I created many abstract water-colored paintings and cross-stitching on various topics. It seemed impossible for me that one day I could do realistic portraits. Somewhere two years ago I did my first black & white portrait of Salvador Dali. My family and friends could see the progress in portraiture and adviced me to create an art page on Instagram. The positive feedback stimulated me to start to do not only black and white but also colored portraits.

IMG_0453                                     IMG_0455

Lily Datony at

autumn together - for galley

I’m inspired by the perfection, colours and freedom of Nature and how we are affected by this. I am a self-taught artist and my greatest pleasure comes from creating paintings that make you feel good. Art can lighten up your soul and your world and can bring out the best in you and your environment. All my art is made with this feeling and this positivity is passed onto the buyer through that work.

The Fine art can lead us to different consciousness and can bring deep healing too. I love working with different mediums including oils, watercolour, pastels, pencils, tempera and acrylic. I enjoy painting landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, floral and portraits.

Healing spring - for gallery

summer flowers -for gallery

Isaura Xavier de Campos now on

a Portuguese garden

I was born in Porto, Portugal, 1947. Always interested in Arts but followed a different career  for family reasons. Taught English during 35 years in a public school for children aged 10 to 15, but at the same time attended two art schools. This way I started painting in 1979 and had my first solo exhibition in 1986  in the town where I live. Since then I never stopped. Until today I count with more than 20 solo exhibitions and much more collective ones. This year I’m interested mainly in creating paintings having on their basis the great Freast of Senhora da Agonia in Viana do Castelo. This is intended to be for a next solo exhibition in that lovely coastal city of the North of Portugal, possibly for next August, the month when these feasts take place. Since my retirement back in 2009, I decided to pay a tribute to my country, painting  its landscapes, traditions and culture.  Before my retirement I used to paint foreign countries most cherished items, like the English Gardens of the Southwest which I visited in 1996, USA memories from my visit in 1991, the garden of Monet in Giverny too. Aside from this I paint whatever I like and whatever I’m asked for, like portraits or pets. Also abstracts.

All commissioned work is welcome. My newest paintings are for sale- the originals. About others I have made, only copies can be afforded, once I’ve sold many of them or offered some.

My favourite statement: Painting is to make peace with our soul.

Welcome to my artwork. Isaura Xavier de Campos

Curiosidade 70cmx50cm.jpg

Santa Luzia100cmx80cm.jpg

Stunning Artwork of Nicola Colbran Freeman




Inspired by light, nature and my travels.

I paint in a variety of mediums.  Oil being my favourite, however I also work in watercolour and pastel. My subjects are varied as I constantly need a challenge and am alwyas seeking new and inspiring images to capture.  My work includes portraits inspired by many years working as an international make-up artist.  Animals and pets which have always surrounded me, and the human body.  I love plienair, sea, sky and landscape with its ever changing light.

My studio/gallery is at my home on the Kent/Sussex border in an area of outstanding natural beauty and it is here that I do much of my painting and commissions.

I was born in London, went to Rochester School of Art after leaving school, then persued a career in Fashion and after a short time proceeded to work as a freelance make-up artist.  I spent many years travelling the world and was lucky to visit many stunning places which still inspire me.

To paint is such a great joy and I always look forward to my next project.

Darren Smith’s Artwork now at bGallery


Darren Smith is a Northampton based artist who grew up in Bedford and graduated with a degree in fine art painting in 1989 at the then Polytechnic Wolverhampton.

Darren has no preferred category of painting, whether landscape, buildings or portraiture, but at this present time his work is based more around portrait painting.

The images that dominate are of iconic figures who have had a profound influence on Darren’s life from a young age growing up during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and his works rely greatly on the photographic imagery of that era.

Darren is happy to consider any commission interest